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Small Groups are a highly effective means of entering the spiritual growth process. The Bible encourages us to bear one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2), confess our faults to one another (James 5:16), receive wisdom from one another, and administer God’s love and grace to one another (I Peter 4:10, Ephesians
4:16). In a small group, we can begin to live out these biblical commands in a safe and structured environment.


The Foundations program is comprised of four best-selling books which contain powerful biblical principles.

Each one of these books is a building block in a complete system of spiritual maturity and emotional growth. Used in succession, these books help participants uncover the issues that often keep them from
a full spiritual and personal life. You will discover effective ways to deal with hurtful people, change unwanted behaviors, and reach God’s potential for your life.

Safe People
12 sessions
Hiding From Love
12 or 16 sessions

Each kit contains a DVD, a leader’s guide, and a copy of the book. Workbooks are also available.
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Groupware offers shorter segments (approximately nine minutes or less) and is a good method of reinforcing the material in each of the books listed below. It is recommended that each group member purchase a Participants Guide as well as a copy of the book to insure the best experience. Included in Groupware is a DVD and a condensed leaders guide.


9 sessions

Beyond Boundaries

Six 17 min. sessions

When a book or workbook is available it is suggested for group or independent study


*Downloadable outlines available on our website

When a book or workbook is available it is suggested for group or independent study

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7 Deadly Sins—7 Part Series
Each segment is 30 minutes in length *

Other Great Study Topics

slightly longer in length, approximately 55 minutes

Ultimate Leadership Series
suitable for staff development or personal growth*

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*Downloadable outlines available on our website

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