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Life Coaching Experience
ONLINE Coaching – Attend Anytime, Anywhere, via the web
Your Future Begins Now!

Research has proven that achieving goals and realizing dreams is essential to living a fulfilled life.

Due to popular demand, and with the desire to make their Life Coaching tools accessible to more individuals, renowned psychologists, authors and coaches, Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend have created an exclusive Life Coaching class. Lectures designed to be viewed monthly, are complete with downloadable outlines and class assignments to be completed between lectures. Replaying archived events gives you the freedom to view them multiple times and at a time that fits your schedule.

This highly effective coaching program will guide you down the path you need to achieve your goals!

  1. The Beginning of Real Change
  2. Creating Your Recipe for Change and Success
  3. Pushing Through
  4. Motivation
  5. Maximizing Your Relationships To Reach Your Goals
  6. How Thinking Drives Your Results
  7. Time: From Your Adversary To Your Ally
  8. Your People Software
  9. Structure and Success
  10. Where Have You Been and Where Are you Going?
  11. Living Out Your Potential
  12. Ongoing Action Plan

The Online Life Coaching Class will guide you to develop a solid life and career plan to achieve success.

  • Discover how “who you are” affects your personal life, your relationships, and your career goals
  • Understand the process of change, and how to accelerate it
  • Add the structure you need to succeed
  • Develop necessary skills you need to resolve problem areas such as career dead ends, relational struggles, and troublesome behavioral patterns
  • Identify and overcome patterns of failure that may have held you back
  • Challenge the thinking that has kept you stuck

As a Life Coaching participant you can:

o Participate anytime and anywhere you have access to a computer. You’re not limited by time zone or your busy schedule
o Access playback of the presentation as often as you wish
o Download the presentation Outline and Assignment for each session

We strongly encourage you to invite 2 or 3 others to sign up for the program with you. Discussing content and doing the homework as a group will encourage greater learning and deeper growth. Sign up with buddies and each of you receives a discount!

You’ll be purchasing access to the entire program for a full year.
Remember: Call to register “Buddies” at the DISCOUNTED price!

Choose the payment option that works best for you:

Full Payment of $450 (includes a $10 discount)
Two payments of $230 each

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Two payments of $276

Full payment of $ $488