Tips for Group Leaders

Ten Tips for Leading Group Discussion

1. Develop a genuine interest in each person.

2. Be trustworthy. Remind the group that what they discuss should remain within the group.

3. Model openness and honesty. Share your own insights and struggles.

4. Allow group members to participate at their own comfort level.
Everyone need not answer every question.

5. Ask your questions with interest and warmth.

6. Be flexible: Allow the group to stay with a thought or idea to accommodate the needs of your group members but avoid getting off topic and rabbit trails.

7. Listen carefully.

8. Remember, no answer is too insignificant. Encourage and affirm each person’s participation.

9. Allow for (and expect) differences of opinion and experience.

10. Do not be afraid of silence. Allow people time to think – don‟t panic. Sometimes ten seconds of silence seems like an eternity. Some of this material is difficult to process – allow people time to digest the question and then respond.

We recommend that you review “Making Small Groups Work” for more detail on leading group discussions. This book is an excellent resource for Group Leaders or Facilitators.