In order to successfully navigate the complexities of life, everyone needs a specific set of skills. A skill is defined as: a learned ability to bring about the result you want. People who can perform tasks well, and can positively interact with others, are far more likely to take on new challenges. Feeling equipped for the task at hand increases confidence, reduces stress levels, and improves the odds of success.

If you find yourself feeling unprepared or unequipped to handle difficult personal or professional situations, you are not alone. In many cases, this critical training has simply not been provided at home or acquired through previous jobs—but we can help! Let us provide the life skills training you need for success, both on and off the job.

Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend—renowned psychologists, best-selling authors and coaches— have created an exclusive webinar series called 12 Life Skills You Need To Succeed. This series is designed to dramatically improve every area of your life, preparing you to better deal with all the challenges life can bring. Get the training you need to succeed!


Individual Topics

  1. Problem Solving: Seeing Problems as Opportunities
  2. How To Reach Goals: Setting the Right Goals & Getting Real Results
  3. Resilience: Finding Strength to Overcome Adversity
  4. People Smarts: Determining Who to Invest In
  5. Balance: Making Time for Work, Play, and Rest
  6. Listening: Improving Relationships through Better Communication
  7. Forgiveness: Finding Freedom through Letting Go
  8. Overcoming Fear: Doing What Scares You
  9. Persistence: Seeing It through to Success
  10. Facing Confrontation: Moving toward Difficult Conversations
  11. Adaptability: Handling Changes to the Plan
  12. Negotiation: Reaching Agreements that Work for Everyone


This program will provide essential training, and guide you down the path to success in life. Over the course of one year, you will learn how to:

  • Approach challenging areas of life without fear
  • Embrace change with confidence and enthusiasm
  • Move toward difficult conversations
  • Create a win-win environment

You can:

  • View broadcasts from anywhere
  • Download an outline and assignment for each session.
  • Play back the presentations as often as you like
  • You will have unlimited access
  • Participate in our exclusive Cloud-Townsend Facebook Community

Choose the payment option that works best for you:

Purchase all 12 Life Skills:

One full payment of $450 ($10 savings)

2 payments of $230 for a total of $460


Purchase an Individual Skill $39

Special Group Pricing is available – call 800-676-4673 for details

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