Empower NOW!

Strategies to Live a Stronger Better Life

An Interactive & Intensive workshop conducted by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

Dr. Cloud & Townsend, best-selling authors, Christian Psychologists, Life, Business and Leadership Coaches bring you this unique 5 day experience. This interactive workshop combines researched information, hands on involvement and skill building to deliver significant results. This workshop will create the safe environment you need to focus on improving the way you Live, Love, Work and Relate.

During the week you will:
• Experience dynamic teaching based on their years of consulting & coaching experience
• Gain clarity on your goals and overcome the obstacles to reaching them
• Work on essential Skill Building
• Participate in powerful facilitator led Process Groups
• Engage in effective team activities
• Develop a simple, effective Plan for the Future

This effective workshop will help you:
• Develop new thinking patterns
• Increase your problem solving abilities
• Learn effective communication skills
• Engage in difficult confrontation with more ease
• Gain practical wisdom and more freedom to live your life
• Accelerate Growth in Every Area of Life

Empower NOW will include these topics:
• Your thinking patterns may be getting in your way
• Increase your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) & relational skills
• The vital relationship between Structure & Success
• Effective communication – It’s more than being clear & direct,
• Conflict – when, why and how you should step into it
• Why Fairness is not a good goal
• And much more!

This workshop will help you discover you DO have the power to do life differently with new tools. You can make your life happier and more fulfilling!
Who: Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend (on occasion there may be presentations by other qualified Cloud-Townsend presenters)
When: October 16 – 20, 2017
Where: The Ayres Hotel in Costa Mesa (Orange County), CA
Cost: $2,950 – Includes lodging, most meals, all sessions and workshop materials

Registration within 3 weeks of the workshop date does not guarantee a reservation at the preferred hotel