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Take your leadership to the next level by attending this highly effective leadership workshop developed by best-selling authors Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. Based on spiritual principles of leadership and character development, this 5 day experience has proven to achieve important personal revelation and significant shifts in behavior. This interactive workshop gives you practical skills that will increase your success in every area of life.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Create a healthy team atmosphere
  • Improve work productivity
  • Increase problem solving abilities
  • Improve confrontation skills
  • Overcome personal obstacles to success, and more…..

Still Not Sure?

Take this quiz to see if this workshop is right for you or one of your staff.

  1. Could you use help in creating an environment that builds trust and creativity?
  2. Are you working harder but feel it isn’t helping you accomplish your goals?
  3. Are current results less than you or your staff should have accomplished by now?
  4. Do you or your staff members tend to avoid confrontation when it is needed?
  5. When confrontation occurs are the results unsatisfactory and sometimes create additional difficulty?
  6. Are you or members of your staff not working well with others which cause conflict and unhappiness within the team?
  7. Are ongoing personal issues keeping you or your employees from being productive?
  8. Do you spend too much time managing one or two difficult people leaving you with less time to do your own work?
  9. Do you feel your people are not responding to you in a way that is helping to further your mission?
  10. Do you say “Yes” to things that are not your responsibility and feel guilty when you say “No”?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Ultimate Leadership will help you or members of your staff be significantly more effective.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is influencing the lives or work of others such as business owners, managers, supervisors, ministry leaders, coaches and teachers.

Ultimate Leadership Testimonials from Cloud-Townsend Resources on Vimeo.

Why Ultimate Leadership is so effective

All of us can grow in the kind of character needed to bring about fruitful relationships, achievement of purpose, mission, and goals. The Bible and proven scientific research assert that growth occurs when new information is combined with new experience. Ultimate Leadership combines dynamic teaching with small group experiences led by highly-trained professionals. Our facilitators help you personalize the information on a deeper level, so it relates to your own life and leadership. You will come away with practical skills and new insights that will help you attain relational and professional success.

Objectives of the Week

The Ultimate is structured to help leaders grow in character, competency, capacity, and confidence. It will help you to:

  • go past information based learning and experience real transformation
  • gain practical tools applicable to all areas of your personal and professional life
  • gain exposure to other leaders and highly qualified teachers
  • face and repair personal issues affecting your work and personal life
  • learn and internalize a model of growth that is rooted in biblical theology
  • formulate a plan for continued personal and professional growth

Why do Leaders Need this Type of Experience?

    1. Professional Issues: You will explore your particular blend of talents, abilities and past experiences in order to achieve professional effectiveness and success.
    2. Personal Issues: You will identify unresolved personal issues that could result in disillusionment, burnout, or loss of vision and effectiveness.
    3. Interpersonal Issues: You will discover how to confront problems that interfere with your ability to relate effectively with others.
    4. Integration of life, leadership, and beliefs: You will learn an integrated approach to leadership that ties together who you are, what you know, and how you lead. Growth in one area of life affects all others.

What to Expect:

Ultimate Leadership is a workshop designed to help you break away from distractions and well-established routines that hinder your spiritual and personal growth. Our hope is that you would have time to be still and listen to the Lord. For this reason, there will be no cell phone calls during sessions. We require confidentiality. You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement before you arrive. This is important for creating an environment of trust and safety.

Teaching Sessions:

Most teaching sessions are taught by either Dr. Henry Cloud or Dr. John Townsend. On occasion there may be one or two presentations by other qualified Cloud-Townsend presenters.

Process Groups:

Ultimate Leadership specializes in “process groups” which are small group experiences led by highly trained professional facilitators. These facilitators guide the team sessions; therefore the training and structure may change at any time based on the specific needs and goals of the group. These process groups are designed to:

  • Teach a dynamic new approach to overcoming roadblocks to success
  • Establish an environment of personal growth for every participant
  • Create a safe setting for self-expression
  • Encourage honesty within the group, providing an atmosphere of grace and truth


There may be occasional variations in the schedule, but you can expect to start each day with breakfast at 7:00 a.m. There are normally two teaching sessions and two or three process groups each day. After dinner, your evenings are free. We encourage you to use that time to reflect on what you have been learning during the day. Beyond that, expect to see God and His Body do an amazing work in you!


Original Ultimate Experience: $2,950 – includes lodging, most meals, all sessions and workshop materials.

Premium Ultimate Experience: $3,950 – includes lodging, most meals, all sessions and workshop materials and all these extras below.

Premium group extra features:

  • 1 extra team session – 11 sessions rather than 10
  • Extra session facilitated by Dr. John Townsend
  • Private lunch with Dr. Henry Cloud with the Premium Group members
  • Action Plan facilitated by Maureen Price, CTR Executive Director and Life Coach
  • 2 remote follow up group sessions facilitated by Maureen Price 
  • Jr. Suite at the Ayres Hotel (when available)

Please note that the Premium Ultimate Experience is only available to 8 people at each workshop. If interested, please sign up early.

The workshop is held at the Ayres Hotel in Costa Mesa, CA

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      3 weeks of the workshop date does not guarantee a reservation at the preferred hotel
“It’s difficult to describe, but before Ultimate Leadership I felt like my career was at an all time high yet in my spirit I felt like I was walking in a desert. It was tearing me apart and I was running on empty. Then I heard about Ultimate Leadership. I really didn’t want to fly 6,000 miles round trip for what I thought would be another “love, love, joy, joy – God understands you” experience. WOW, was I wrong! My decision to attend UL was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Why? Well, at age 53, I found that life without boundaries just isn’t life! Life without safe people around you is like navigating a minefield! Life without truth really is a lie! In my lifetime, I have invested in a lot of people and programs. It was now time to invest in me! If you honestly want to live the life God has called you to, then Ultimate Leadership will be worth your personal investment in YOU.

– Pastor Charlie Sweet
Executive Director, Compassion Coalition, Inc.
Utica, NY

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