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Are you a subscriber to our Growth For Life Resources? If you aren’t, you should be. It’s a great affordable way to continue to learn and grow. You will receive a selection of audio and video resources from our library on a relevant topic by your two favorite guys.  JT and HC headshot_over-white-cropped Yes, we love them too!
Each month you will receive an article written by one of our talented workshop facilitators. In addition, you will also receive some fun interactive video clips featuring either John or Henry and Maureen. Video-w-Maureen-1 - reduced size
Becoming a Growth for Life subscriber will give you the tools you need to improve how you live, love, work and relate. Regular access to these helpful tools will prepare you to navigate the challenges you face daily and help you help others. Something we know you care about.
For a small fee you can have the Growth For Life Package sent to you electronically at the beginning of each month. This is about a $60 value but you will be charged each month only $24.99. Instead of the monthly reoccurring fee you may choose a one-time payment of $275 for the year. This is an additional savings of about 1 free month.

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