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We have selected an array of resources that will equip you for your daily journey. This offering includes some of the best video and audio resources by Dr. Cloud & Dr. Townsend along with a growth focused article. These articles will be written by John & Henry, some of the facilitators you worked with during your Ultimate week. We also include a fun & interactive video clip with John or Henry and Maureen.

Growth is never about ignoring problems and challenges but instead leaning into these and finding the best solution to the challenges in front of us. To do this we must be an open system inviting the right information and influences in and removing the negative that is getting in the way of accomplishing our mission. We also desire to experience the abundant life we were promised by Jesus. (John:10:10).

Regular access to helpful tools and solid information will prepare you to navigate the challenges you will face in the days, months and years to come. What you can expect from the Growth For Life Package:
• Increase your relational and emotional IQ
• Improve the quality of your relationships.
• Develop new thinking patterns
• Learn effective communication skills
• Become a better listener
• Skillfully handle challenges, problems and conflict
• Improve how you make decisions and more….

For a low fee you can have the Growth For Life Package sent to you digitally. A different collection of resources will be added to your store account by the first of each month. Individually these resources are a $60 value but you pay only $24.99 each month. Instead of the monthly reoccurring fee you may choose a one-time payment of $275 for the year.
Invest in your personal and professional growth or give this gift to a loved one.

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