Call for dates in 2017 for the next Couples Workshop

This is an exciting opportunity for couples. You may already be aware that Cloud-Townsend Resources conducts an intensive workshop for leaders called Ultimate Leadership. From time to time we offer a special “Married Couples Renewal” week at one of our workshops. We have designed this powerful experience to help couples have the fulfilling marriages they desire. Here is a photo from one of our recent Married Couples Groups.

Couples group pictureFour happy couples from the February Ultimate Leadership Workshop

This group of 4 couples found a new level of relationship with each other, and the skills to maintain what they learned. Please enjoy their testimonies.

This experience will:

  • Provide the opportunity for couples to focus on their marriage by doing deeper work in a safe and confidential setting
  • Help couples in leadership address unique challenges and the additional stress they face
  • Place special emphasis on ways couples can best support one another in their leadership roles
  • Help couples evaluate how they can create the best possible environment for their spouse to grow and thrive while still taking optimum care of themselves
  • Show new ways to communicate that can provide real connection and intimacy

Many couples struggle at different times, so there is no time like the present to take initiative and finally address patterns and themes that have been obstacles to real joy and excitement in your marriage. We help couples find the joy they desire and give them the tools to make their marriage a success. This is a great investment in each other, your marriage and your future.

As a member of the couples group, you will enjoy all of the teaching sessions presented by Drs. Cloud or Townsend each morning and afternoon, as well as participate in process groups led by a variety of gifted facilitators.

Upon request, we can provide an opportunity for either an individual or a couple to participate in a one-on-one session with one of their facilitators. Please note: there is an additional cost for the one-on-one sessions, and these need to be reserved in advance. The one-on-one is the only separate charge.

For couples with ministry positions, please inquire about partial scholarships.

Couples cost: $5850 – Includes: 5 nights lodging at the Ayers hotel, breakfast each morning, lunches 4 days and one dinner. Workshop materials are included in the cost of the workshop. For couples with ministry positions, please inquire about partial scholarships.

If you or a couple you know might be interested in this group, please email Executive Director, Maureen Price or email Workshop Coordinator, Lisa Leets. Feel free to call at (800) 676-4673 or (949) 660-0866. Maureen and Lisa will be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. Space is limited so register early.

Please note: Married Couples Renewal Weeks are only available at select workshops. Couples are welcome at all of our workshops; however, unless we are offering a special couples group, spouses will be placed on separate teams.)