Can I date multiple people at one time? (1:32)

The Definition of Dating (2:06)

When I became a single mother with a three year old and a six year old my life was consumed with keeping everyone and everything together. Now that my... (2:37)

I've met someone I would like to date. I don't think he's a Christian yet so when is too soon to witness to him? (:38)

How can I know for sure if someone is the right person for me? (3:57)

How do I communicate my boundaries to someone I'm dating? (1:55)

Is it wrong for a woman to ask a man for a date? (2:04)

What do you think about online dating services that promise to match you up with your "perfect soul mate?" Do they really work? (5:59)

Is it ok to marry for security and companionship if you are not in love? (4:46)

I am a widow with young children who would like to begin dating again, but my children don't want me to. What should I do? (4:23)

I am a single guy with a lot of life goals. I feel like dating and marriage would make these goals difficult to accomplish. My friends tell me that Go... (2:56)

Do you think for each person there is one person out there that they are supposed to marry? (4:24)

My girlfriend is very emotional. She doesn't just cry at sad movies - she falls completely apart. It's embarrassing and I don't know how to handle it.... (:44)

How important do you believe physical attraction is in a dating relationship? (3:29)

What do you think about dating someone of a different faith or belief system? (1:46)

We are a bi-coastal couple. By that I mean I am from California and my husband is a New Englander. I want to move back to California where my family ... (4:27)

I don't like my boyfriend's friends. I trust him, but NOT them and I don't like it when he hangs out with them. Should I make it an issue? (3:34)

How can I let someone know I'm interested in going out with him? I don't want to communicate that there's some huge romance looming and it's been a lo... (3:27)

I have been dating a guy who says he loves me, but when I talk to his friends they seem to think we're just casual friends and nothing more. Who shoul... (2:41)

I am dating someone who is so shy and quiet, I find myself carrying the conversations and disclosing way more about myself than I know about him. I wo... (2:25)

Recently I went on a first date with someone after meeting them on a Christian dating web site. I had a good time, and thought he did too. Things ha... (3:37)

I've been dating a gentleman who is currently going through a divorce. We are highly compatible and care for each other deeply. In doing what is bes... (4:20)

I am currently in a relationship with a person I would call commitment phobic. He is really good at starting the relationship...but when things get re... (3:44)

What are your thoughts about group-dating? Pros and cons? (2:40)

How does dating differ from courtship? (2:26)

How do I go from "dating" someone to "just friends" emotionally until we are both ready for something more? We are unsure how compatible we are. I en... (4:11)

My boyfriend and I began our relationship with lust and heavy breathing. How do I pull back and begin anew? (3:27)

I was recently at a conference featuring Dr. Cloud and he told the story of one lady who went from not dating to having over 50 dates in a short span ... (4:15)

How important do you believe physical attraction is in getting a date? (4:23)

I met a man (54 years old) 2 months ago that is just finalizing his divorce. He was married 25+ years and his wife has been stalling the divorce for 3... (2:50)

Should a man tell the woman on the first date that he is just dating to have fun and meet people? What are the rules of disclosure when dating? (2:18)

A man is pursuing me who is a recovering alcoholic. He has been sober for 13 years (never married and has no kids). I think God has changed him. What ... (2:46)

I have a history of being a poor judge of character, particularly when choosing men. Where do I start so I can finally have healthy friendships and re... (2:45)

I am in love with a married man. Out of the blue he will stop calling. I'm not ready to let this go, what should I do? (1:21)

What are some good physical boundaries my boyfriend and I can set? We don't want to have sex until we are married, but we are having a hard time decid... (3:23)

I try to keep a friendly relationship with my ex-wife for our children's sake, but it really bothers my girlfriend. Am I wrong to give my ex a Mothers... (3:30)

I have had an on-again off-again relationship for the past couple of years. He wants to get back together again, and while I am tempted I think maybe ... (2:41)

My girlfriend that I dated for 3 years, 10 years ago, recently divorced her husband to get back with me. Her marriage wasn't doing well for a while. H... (2:13)

I have been dating a great man for 6 months. He has met my parents, but I have yet to meet his. Could there be a reason he is not introducing us? (2:54)

This man told me he liked me and I turned him down. I have since realized I have feelings for him, but he doesn't seem interested anymore. Did I lose... (2:33)

I have recently gained 45 pounds as the result of an illness. I have gotten back into contact with an old lover who has not seen me since this "large ... (3:13)

I tend to think I am in love and get swept away so easily. One minute I say "I love you" and the next I am doubting everything about the relationship.... (3:15)

How do you know if a man loves you or is just stringing you along? (2:51)

I am considering getting married. My boyfriend was married before and still has strong feelings for his ex-wife. Is this normal? (2:21)

My boyfriend lies occasionally about small things and is clingy. Are the lying and insecurities something that he can change? Should I continue in the... (1:57)

The person I'm in love with had a troubled past. I've noticed that most of my past relationships have been with people with issues. What does that sa... (1:48)

I am dating a man who has two children who are rude to me. Their father thinks I'm imagining it, but this could be a long term relationship and I need... (4:31)

What are some of the deal-breakers when choosing a spouse? (3:21)

If a woman breaks the engagement, should she give the ring back? What if the man breaks the engagement? (1:28)

How young is too young to get married? (2:04)

What are some of the red flags when deciding whether or not to move forward in a dating relationship? (3:20)

I am no longer married and would like to reenter the dating world. As a Christian I don't believe in sex outside of marriage, but how do I avoid it, ... (2:44)

How do I compassionately tell a "toxic" person that I don't want a relationship with them anymore? (2:49)

How long should I wait for my fiance to set a date for our wedding? We dated for 2 1/2 years and have been engaged for 7 months, but he still refuses ... (1:26)

If you have gone on a couple of dates with someone and the person is not a good match for you, what is a polite or kind way to tell them? (1:48)

Is it unfair to enter into marriage with $10,000 of debt, even if the irresponsible habits that caused that debt have stopped? (1:15)

How does a person know they are ready for a good relationship? (2:38)

I'm dating someone who doesn't like to deal with any conflict. When a disagreement arises or something happens that results in hurt feelings, he doesn... (2:23)

How do I break out of a pattern of being attracted to men who don't return my feelings? (3:11)

I am in a relationship with a girl with whom I have grown to love very much. Must I wait and hope for her to become a Christian before I ask her to m... (2:01)

How do you know when it is time to let go of a dating relationship? (3:08)

Can you give me a few phrases to use to dump someone after a date or two? (2:51)

I am in a relationship with someone who puts her son before me. What is the best way to deal with this situation? (2:24)

Where can a woman in her early twenties find a nice man? (2:33)

When it comes to dating after a divorce, I've heard that many counselors recommend one year of healing for every four years of marriage. Does that mea... (3:26)

I have been dating a man for two years. We haven't moved past the "dinner and a movie" dating stage. Should I try to move it to another stage or move ... (2:24)

What do you think about inter-faith relationships? (2:13)

If I want to try a reputable internet dating service, what should I look for? (1:36)

In a dating relationship, where do I draw the line physically? (2:57)

I am 50 years old and have been a widow for 6 years. I would like to marry again. Are there guidelines for age differences in dating or marriage? (2:14)

I tend to over-romanticize when I'm in a dating relationship. How do I know when I'm doing it and how do I guard against it? (3:36)

Can you talk about vulnerability and connectedness as opposed to autonomy in a dating relationship? When do I self-protect and when do I open up? (2:59)

I am a divorcee about to remarry. How can I stop the process of transferring negative feelings to my innocent fiance when he acts like my ex-husband? (2:50)

Why do so many men today wait for women to make the first move? (2:19)

I've been dating a man for four months and the relationship has begun to get serious. We are both divorced. I've been intentional about perusing growt... (3:33)

Do you think men are more interested in women who are inaccessible? If so, should I try to play hard to get? (2:27)

I was in a long relationship with a man, and we were close to getting married. When he broke it off it almost destroyed me and it took a long time to ... (2:19)

We are Christians who have been dating for a year and a half. We've decided to become engaged, but our problem is that we had sex a while back and are... (3:04)

I am a widower in my late fifties. My friends encourage me to date but it's so hard to even think about, I miss my wife. (2:21)

I'm single, outgoing, and very busy. Because of this, I am careful how I invest my time. I see dating as a kind of relationship tire-kicking. Frankly ... (2:01)

How is dating different at 18 vs. 28? Or is it different? Are the rules the same? Similar? (1:22)

Do you think a long distance romantic relationship can ever work? (1:29)

I'm in love with a woman on the other side of the country. It seems obvious the time has come to move the relationship to the next level, but how can ... (2:04)

I am dating a man who is decent, honorable, gainfully employed and boring. It's not serious, just a now and again dinner or movie, but I know he would... (1:28)

I'm a single man in my late twenties. I think I move way to fast when it comes to dating. If a woman has dinner with me, and we seem to hit it off, I ... (2:48)

I know that some things in a dating relationship are "deal breakers" and some things are more minor annoyances (which could grow into deal breakers). ... (2:48)

In a dating relationship, is there a timeline for a commitment? For example, if we haven't made a commitment to one another after three years is somet... (2:23)

How much physical contact should I have with someone I'm dating but not committed to? I wonder if even a goodnight kiss is inappropriate but that seem... (1:37)

I am eighteen and in love with a thirty-five year old. He is very introverted and people don't understand him. My family won't have anything to do wit... (3:00)

My fiance and I are supposed to get married in a few months. We have always been close and he has been very honest about his former relationships. Lat... (1:39)

I'm shy and I would like to date. I hate the thought of singles groups because that's even more people to be uncomfortable around. How can I get over ... (1:57)

How soon should I expect to meet the young children of the man I'm dating? He seems awfully hesitant to include me in anything that involves them. (1:15)

My boyfriend acts like he loves me but has never said so. I tell him that I love him all the time and he looks embarrassed. Is this a problem? (2:07)

My friends are always trying to fix me up. I'm not opposed to dating, but I'm selective about how I spend my time. I feel terrible when I turn down ... (1:37)

I'm 35 years old and I've never been on a date. I don't even know where to start. What should I do? (2:08)

One of my friends is about to buy a ring for his girlfriend but he's got doubts about their relationship. I told him that he needs to be 100% sure bef... (2:16)

How does dating differ from courtship? (2:56)

How picky should I be about first dates? I turn them down sometimes for a wide range of reasons - sketchy job or living situations, never finished hig... (1:17)

I'm not sure I want to marry, but I desire intimacy and a healthy relationship. Does that always involve marriage? (2:30)

After years of isolation as a single parent, how do I rediscover who I am and what I want from a partner? I'm nothing like I was before I got married ... (2:01)

In a dating relationship, is there an appropriate point to reveal something from my life that could have a serious impact on the relationship? In my c... (2:01)

I would like to be married but I seem to find a lot of reasons to not pursue potential partners. How do I know if I have unrealistic expectations? (3:11)

Are there some steps that I can do, to improve my level of confidence so that when I see a man that I could be attracted to, I won't run and hide? I c... (2:16)

I have been divorced for about 5 years and up to this point have not considered dating because I have been focusing on my recovery. I am also concerne... (1:45)

It seems that sex outside of marriage is more and more acceptable. Can you give me some thoughts about sex before marriage? (2:43)

I'm getting married and I'm very concerned with my future mate's mood swings and volatile nature. She is easily hurt and tends to get upset or irritat... (1:51)

In this day and age, is it appropriate to do a background check on someone you are dating or considering dating? (1:53)

What do you think about a dating service just for people who are or have been in therapy? I want to find a mate that is not content with who he/she is... (1:23)

We have been friends for 2 1/2 years and dating approximately two months. Should we date for the recommended year+ or can we become engaged in less th... (1:19)

A meaningful dating relationship has ended and I'm feeling emotionally drained. On the one hand I know I need time to reflect and recover, but on the ... (1:35)

My boyfriend recently confessed to me that he had an affair with his ex girlfriend. He claims the reason he cheated was the result of the lack of resp... (1:46)

I have been in a relationship with a guy with a borderline personality disorder. He has read your Boundaries books and they have not helped him. Is th... (1:19)

I think I am in love with my boyfriend. He asked me how I feel about him but I really don't know how to express my feelings and now he's mad at me and... (1:56)

My friend's male friend came 3000 miles to visit her. Every time he walks by, he touches her in some way. Does he want to be more than friends? (1:52)

I've been dating a women for 18 months. How do I know if I'm in love with her in a healthy way? (1:57)

I don't know why whenever my boyfriend wants to spend time with other people, I feel uncomfortable. I know I should respect his choices but how can I ... (2:46)

My husband died 3 years ago. I have two children who are 7 & 9 now. I would like to begin dating again but it seems the men who are divorced are angry... (1:52)

I was just at one of your singles retreat. You said we should date 20 people. I am 59 years old, female, and fairly attractive. Where do I find 20 men... (1:29)

I have been burned from too many secrets in my boyfriend relationships. From those experiences, I learned to be much more open with close friends abo... (1:28)

Is it OK to not want to be friends with an ex-boyfriend? (1:51)

What is a reasonable time frame in a dating relationship for the partners to decide jointly how weekends are spent? (1:04)

Will God allow you to fall in love with someone who wasn't meant to be your spouse? (1:56)

I am a 20-year-old male virgin. I can't seem to get over the fact that my current girlfriend didn't wait to have sex. What can I do? (1:54)

I just learned my fiance is gay. Even though he was lying to himself, I feel like I should have seen the signs. Did I miss something? (2:56)

My girlfriend seems to get upset over the smallest things. She said she doesn't even know why she cries most of the time. Do you have any advice on ho... (2:34)

My boyfriend's mother is bipolar. Her overall attitude on life is negative and she is always blaming others. His behavior this last year has been si... (2:29)

I seem to only focus on the negative aspects of my dating relationships. How can I notice the good in my partners and not just the bad? (2:22)

Is it bad to never allow a man to buy you anything unless you are married to each other or in a serious relationship with that person? (2:45)

How would I know if a man in my single parent group is interested in me? What does it mean when he gives me a nickname or is extra friendly to me? (2:37)

I am in a long-distance relationship, but he does not call me. He will only send me a text message once in awhile. What should I do? (1:46)

I am still in love with my childhood sweetheart. He says he loves me, but we are both studying in separate countries. What do you think I can do to m... (1:56)

How can you move on after a relationship has ended? (2:34)

My boyfriend is so busy with his job that he never has any time for me, or even himself. How can I get him to spend more time relaxing and enjoying li... (2:03)

I have been mutually attracted to this guy in my church for two years. We kissed and it changed things. After a series of emotional discussions he sa... (1:33)

I love someone, and she said she loved me too. Now she says she never loved me. I want only her. What should I do? (1:56)

It seems to me that single woman are looking for Jim Carrey and Tom Cruise all wrapped up in one. Many times as men, we hear woman say, they want a ... (1:18)