My friend told me that I have a problem with anger, but I have been told it is healthy to "get my anger out." Can you help? (2:55)

I have been getting in touch with a lot of anger toward my mother. Do I have a responsibility to talk to her? (3:41)

Taking control of my life seems big. Where do I start? (3:38)

What do I do to overcome my fear of commitment or fear of failure in choosing or being chosen by the wrong person? (3:25)

I really think I have dealt with my anger about my parent's divorce, but how do I learn to trust someone enough to give my relationship a chance? I'd... (4:10)

Could you discuss "good anger" versus "bad anger?" (5:25)

What's the best way to get over a broken heart? (3:56)

I'm in my forties and dating again. I look for chemistry but the chemistry seems to appear only with the bad risks. I'm afraid of two things- spinst... (4:07)

My best friend has early-onset Alzheimer's. Her husband is no help - he doesn't want to deal with it and she is deteriorating fast. I can commiserate ... (1:28)

I'm fifteen and I don't know who to ask about this. I don't know how to act at funerals or what to say. What are you supposed to do to show kindness t... (3:02)

I'm anxious all the time - even when things are going well. Do I have to take medication? (5:35)

What are the warning signs that depression is becoming worse and needs to be addressed professionally? (6:47)

Life just doesn't seem to work for me anymore. I don't know what changed, I just know nothing feels right anymore and I don't understand what's happen... (4:09)

I can't take criticism at all! A semi stranger made a casual remark about me and it really threw me emotionally. Why am I so hyper-sensitive to anythi... (5:26)

I'm overweight. After years of struggling and struggling with this I am finally resigned to it and I'm not going to worry about it. My grown children ... (3:43)

I am feeling a lot of stress and anxiety. What are the symptoms of anxiety attacks? Do I see a doctor or a counselor? (3:19)

What is bipolar disorder? Can it be treated? (2:07)

What is Inattentive Type ADHD? Can my child have ADHD without symptoms of hyperactivity? (1:58)

Is there a way to know if I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or if I'm depressed or just burned out. Life seems overwhelming. (1:05)

Is there benefit to going into therapy as part of a serious weight-loss plan? What would that be? (2:22)

I have a disability and get around pretty well with my wheelchair. I'd like to know if there's a way to help people be more comfortable around me. The... (1:17)

What does forgiveness look like? For example, can I forgive someone when I still feel angry about that they did? (2:20)

I am a 51 year old, never married female. Is there a point in life when a I should stop hoping to find a mate, even though the hope seems impossible t... (4:48)

I was in a committed relationship for 2 years. One year ago we got engaged. We are now broken up, and he asked someone else to marry him within 3 we... (3:56)

I am afraid of having friends! What does this mean? Is there help for someone like me? (4:36)

I have heard that grief is a process. If that is true, then what are the phases of the process and will I ever be done with the grieving process? (6:05)

My parents were detached and unavailable to me. I do not want to carry the feelings that created in me over to new romantic grown-up relationships. Wh... (2:56)

My mother so strongly preferred one of her children over another that now that he has passed away, she no longer celebrates holidays like Christmas or... (4:13)

Why, when I awake during the night, am I unable to return to sleep -- I lay in bed and think and think and think - I'm miserable, please advise. (4:12)

Am I compulsive.. I HAVE TO and ALWAYS line my shoes up, I honk 4 times in a row instead of once or twice, I NEVER lay anything down on an edge -- am... (2:05)

It is difficult to overcome the scars of molestation. If healing requires forgiveness, when there's been no justice, it feels desperately flat. My ex... (5:07)

When I give someone in my life a choice and let them know how I will respond based on their choice, how can I keep from sounding manipulative or threa... (4:04)

HELP! I am what you would call the controlling freak and criticizer! I see myself and hear myself and I can't seem to gain the self control to stop my... (3:34)

I have learned to never trust anyone because I will be hurt. My stepdad hurt me. My mom blamed me. My dad abandoned me. I've had abusive relationships... (4:21)

What makes a person a critical person? Can they change? (2:55)

Why can't I spend even a little money on myself without feeling guilt and anxiety? I only feel okay about money when I give it away! (4:29)

I'm 52 and don't know how to look ahead. There doesn't seem to be anything to look forward to. How can I change this unhealthy mindset? (5:03)

Why can't I just shut up and be a good listener? (4:14)

A friend of my daughter is cutting herself. What is my responsibility as an adult to try to help her out? (1:25)

I am feeling lonely more and more often. My children are grown and my husband travels a lot for work. The real problem is the more alone I feel, the m... (1:55)

Are there any ways of dealing with panic attacks that do not involve using drugs? (7:59)

In light of recent world events, how do we avoid living under fear? (7:30)

I'm having trouble letting go of guilt about things in my past. I've asked for forgiveness and believe I'm forgiven but I look at every struggle now a... (4:10)

What is the difference between an anxiety attack and a panic attack? Is there any way to stop them before they are full-blown? (2:37)

How would you advise someone in recovery with issues from dysfunctional family of origin and having just exited from a 13 year involvement with a cult... (2:43)

How can you have good relationships if you have disassociation identity disorder? I can understand why I have no friends. This has been very hard and ... (3:22)

I normally would say nothing back to someone who insults or slights me but I do stew over the ill feelings. I want to become more demonstrative and sp... (3:35)

My mother attempted suicide several times when I was a child and my father told me it was my fault. I am "thawing out" from a detached state emotional... (3:12)

Is there such a thing as religious addiction where the person goes even to the point of psychotic delusions and need hospitalization? I have three peo... (3:08)

What is a safe way to "vent?" Sometimes I just want to gripe, but feel that it is not always the appropriate thing to do. (2:18)

I'm in high school and not popular. People make fun of me because I don't fit in any group. Please give me some words that will help. (4:09)

When my sister gets upset I think she cuts herself. She won't admit it but I've seen the scratches. I don't know what to do because I know she'll just... (1:26)

How can I learn to give up control in my various relationships (home, work, friends)? I'm not a control-freak but I don't feel like people can be trus... (3:58)

How do you deal with someone who feels personally attacked by almost every comment? I love this person and want to be kind and reach them beneath this... (3:23)

I heard a statement that "physical and mental exhaustion brought on by hectic pace, family demands and job stress can appear as depression". If this i... (3:23)

A young man in my son's youth group committed suicide. It's been very hard for his friends in the group. They want to know that their friend is in hea... (6:15)

What is Bipolar Disorder? I hear the term frequently and also that it's very serious but don't know what it is. Is it treatable? (4:13)

My husband is suffering greatly from depression and anxiety. How can I help? (2:16)

How should a person deal with a fear of dying? (5:06)

How do I know if I am beyond a normal amount of crazy and need help? (4:18)

How do you forgive hurts that are continuously being committed? (2:55)

I am bipolar. How can I get my husband to understand my extreme highs and lows? (1:49)

I am trying to gain freedom from past familial sexual and addiction issues. I cannot afford counseling. How can I break this cycle? (1:16)

I suffer from an anxiety disorder and I have an overwhelming fear of death and dying. Is it normal even for people with anxiety disorders? (2:04)

What hope is there for a person who hates their self? I was divorced a few years ago and since then have been looking back on my life and all I see is... (5:13)

I was sexually abused in my past. I now have serious issues with sex. I seem to do things that will only hurt me. How can I get over the pain of my pa... (3:31)

I am sad, have no energy, and no desire to do anything. Sometimes I just wish I would die. Am I depressed? What do I do? (2:01)

I am sad, have no energy, and no desire to do anything. I sometimes wish I would die. Am I depressed? What do I do? (4:43)

My son (20) recently made two serious suicide attempts. He is now in intensive therapy at a specialized recovery hospital. How can I prepare for his r... (2:55)

I experience extreme emotional highs and lows. How can I gain control of this? (4:26)

My friend has OCD and lately it has been unbearable for her. Her insurance won't cover meds and she doesn't want to depend on medicine anyway. What ca... (2:00)

What kind of help is available for young adults with mild learning disabilities who have a hard time connecting? (1:54)

How do people with disabilities strive for success when they can barely function from day to day? I am bi-polar and I never know who I will be from ho... (2:00)

What causes a person to want to commit suicide? (3:21)

The more I think about my childhood, the more I realize how dysfunctional my mother was in her parenting of me. However, I am aware that my mother als... (3:01)

I have struggled with depression throughout my adult life. I keep asking God to take away my depression, but I still suffer. Why won't God heal me? (2:18)

I was sexually molested as a 4 year old and I can't seem to move past the pain from my past. Can you help me mature? (2:29)

What makes a relationship codependent? Can you give some possible examples of codependent qualities? (2:28)

What are some of the characteristics of an unhealthy relationship with a significant other? (2:36)

How can I cope with and manage the basic feelings that lead to my anger? (2:59)

How do I know when my loneliness is healthy or unhealthy? (2:37)

People throw the term co-dependent around all the time, can you define co-dependency and give an example of it? (2:32)

What is OCD? (2:02)

My husband has OCD and it puts a lot of pressure on me and our relationship. What should I do? (2:13)

Can you define narcissism and talk about what a relationship with a narcissistic person looks like? (2:58)

Is anorexia always about control? (1:36)

Can you talk about ways to get over the fear of rejection? (3:09)

I have a conscience that beats me up all the time. What can I do to get it to stop? How do you know the difference between legitimate and illegitimate... (3:57)

What are some ways to control my thoughts more? (3:30)

I have been on anti-depressants for the last 15 years. I am in counseling and getting involved in a social groups and friends, etc. I don't want to be... (2:44)

I have a lot of shame. I tend to isolate myself and avoid intimate relationships for fear of being asked about my past. I have dealt with these issues... (3:04)

I spend most of my time waiting for something bad to happen. How can I stop worrying so much? (1:55)

I struggle with my weight. I am about 30 pounds overweight. I am single and would love to be in a relationship but it seems that men are not attracted... (2:29)

My husband seems to be struggling with a lot of internal issues right now. He is a middle age man who seems to be going through a mid-life crisis. Is ... (3:14)

I've struggled with homosexual tendencies since I was a teenager. I don't know whether I am gay or not, and I struggle with so many mixed feelings. I ... (3:00)

I've identified my "baggage" and have gotten rid of some of it but I am having a tough time letting go of the rest of it. What tools can I use to help... (3:13)

Are panic attacks real? Where do they come from? I sometimes seem to get them and I want to know how to control them. (3:05)

I am single and have been trying to meet new people by going to more social gatherings. The problems is that I feel so uncomfortable when I am there t... (2:55)

From all outward appearances I seem to have a good life. I have a good marriage, great kids and a good job, but there are times when I feel so lonely ... (3:05)

My brother is bipolar. He is often excluded from events because of his erratic behavior. No one has been successful in getting him help, because he fe... (2:19)

My cousin's wife is a stew-pot of tragic, psychiatric problems. He has been living in pain for years. Now that their children are grown, we all feel t... (1:56)

How do you go about choosing a psychiatrist, therapist or counselor for a family member who is in a crisis? (2:02)

I just learned what I've suspected for a long time that my husband is mentally ill. What do I do? It seems like there is a lot of help for him but w... (2:21)

What's difference between a therapist, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a counselor etc? How do I know who to speak with? (3:49)

Why am I the family punching bag? I don't mean physical abuse, but my family seems to have designated me as the one they can say anything to and treat... (2:52)

What are signals that it's time to move to professional counseling? (2:21)

How long should you see a counselor? (2:37)

I get the blues periodically. How do I know when it's part of normal life or if I have depression? (1:51)

Do you think that obesity is similar to other substance abuse problems? Should they be approached the same way? (2:18)

How do you handle someone that confronts you, and who wants to argue something you just don't want to deal with? (2:25)

How can I deal with my depression? (3:46)

How can I deal with my anxiety? (3:05)

How can I deal with my anger? (4:53)

I have a problem with drugs and it's wrecking my life. What can I do? (3:03)

I can't stop drinking. What should I do? (3:19)

I think I have a sexual addiction to pornography on the net. Can you help me? (3:20)

How can I deal with my guilt and shame? It interrupts my life and keeps me from having close friends. (3:27)

How can I know if I am emotionally healthy? (2:24)

I'm a grown man who is extremely sensitive. I really dislike conflict and I feel like crying when I feel hurt or betrayed. This is embarrassing becaus... (2:29)

Are recurring nightmares a good indicator that someone should seek help? My best friend has had recurring nightmares for years and doesn't sleep much ... (1:45)

How can I tell the difference between being depressed and just having a bad couple weeks? When should I seek help? (1:29)

I really want to follow my heart and make a dramatic life-change, but my head says no. I'm single so my decisions really only affect me, but the risks... (2:30)

My parents had a wonderful, happy marriage for 51 years until my father passed away two years ago. My seventy-five year old mother was very lonely and... (2:26)

I'm starting to feel like I should go back and apologize to everyone I've ever wronged. There are about eight or ten people mostly romances where I ... (1:30)

I have an irresistible desire to steal small things that I don't even need and could certainly afford to buy. What's wrong with me? (1:40)

How can change be good and not frightening? (2:26)

I'm 52 and don't know how to "look ahead." There doesn't seem to be anything to look forward to. How can I change this unhealthy mindset? (2:08)

My life doesn't feel complete without a significant other. I connect well with friends but I still feel this huge need for a life mate. What should I ... (1:45)

I have anorexia. I really hate it when people expect things of me. It's hard enough just doing the things I expect of me. Do you have any advice? What... (1:45)

When someone has experienced a critical injury that has left them handicapped and unable to work, how can they move from self pity, get their self con... (2:42)

At what point does distorted thinking become mental illness? (1:46)

Do heroin addicts go through various cycles when they want to quit? (2:28)

I was sexually abused as a child. Is it normal to still have fears? (1:41)

I've heard it said over and over that the first step in a recovery process is to find people that care about you. How do you do that when the problem ... (2:09)

What are the stages of grief and loss? (2:10)

What is the best way to meet safe people? (2:13)

I would very much like to have plastic surgery done but I feel guilty spending the money on my appearance. The feature in question is one that really ... (1:11)

Is there a way to change from seeing life in a negative vein to seeing it positively? How do you help someone to count their blessings first, rather t... (3:18)

How can a meek person effectively stand-up for themselves? What exercises can you recommend to learn how to be defensive in a constructive way? (1:43)

I have friend who is very worried about the situation in the middle east. I too, am concerned but I think she is genuinely frightened. What would you ... (2:40)

What is the difference between quiet and shy. People talk about shyness like it's a sin or something. (2:02)

What to do when your doctor thinks your spouse may be suffering from Bi-Polar Disorder? (2:15)

We have 2 friends that had grown children that both committed suicide recently. I want to be as absolutely empathetic as I can be. Is it alright to me... (2:38)

What is the difference between grief and depression? (1:41)

My counselor told me that he thinks I might be a HSP (highly sensitive person). I read up on it and I don't know what to think about it. It seems to m... (1:16)

What is really going on when you feel the need to prove yourself and compete with others? It's worse around certain people. (1:08)

I was married for 17 years. Of course I was devastated when he told me he was homosexual and left the marriage. I have done some reading regarding hom... (2:00)

My question is linked to childhood abandonment that happened 50 years ago. I know that I have unresolved grief--but how do I now begin to process it? ... (1:19)

I have heard of a phrase called "paralysis of the will" which seems to be the best way to describe what I experience in the course of my day. What ste... (1:39)

I have a friend who says he was sexually molested by a schoolmate in high school for 2 years until 1998. He says he was depressed until around 2000. ... (1:33)

A friend of mine is a moody person. He can be really outgoing and really quiet. He seems confident but feels very insecure, incompetent and worthless.... (1:40)

How do I cope with anxiety and depression? (1:27)

I am having the worst physical and emotional pain I've ever had. I recently found out that my partner cheated on me and I just lost my mother. I can't... (2:12)

Why do I love the person that makes me suffer? (1:59)

How do I get out of a bad relationship? (1:43)

How do I break bad sexual habits? (2:03)

My 27 yr. old daughter is in rehab for alcoholism and drug use. She is in de-tox for 5 days, afterwards she will begin out patient-programs. Are ther... (1:34)

I am in counseling dealing with the effects of sexual abuse at the hands of my grandfather and I feel like I am making progress, but I can't get past ... (2:24)

You hear the term "sex addict" a lot now. I think my husband may be one. Can you explain what a sex addict is? (2:59)

What is therapy supposed to be like? How do you know you're getting the right kind of help? (2:40)

Is hypnosis wrong for Christians? (1:30)

I was sexually abused as a child by my father and my mother remained silent. I know that many fathers don't repent and many mothers remain silent. I ... (2:15)

My childhood was so abusive that as an adult I am terrified of conflict. What is the best way to deal with this fear of conflict? (2:19)

I am on a church staff and don't know where to go for help. The Sr. Pastor is my boss and sets my salary, so I can't open up there. Other staff and ch... (1:29)

What does the Bible teach us about recovery in our life? Is it a life-long process or can you be cured? (1:45)

My first marriage ended because of my addiction to porn. I am now in love again but still struggle with porn. How can I overcome this addiction? (1:54)

I realize that I am too passive. How can I become more assertive? (2:14)

Can you direct me to a truly Christian perspective on Borderline Personality Disorder? (4:34)

I am still struggling from the pain of my miscarriage 14 years ago. How can I heal? (2:28)

I'd like to know where the sense of entitlement comes from and why some people have it and others don't? (2:46)

I struggled with an eating disorder for 10 years. I understand the "control issues" behind it. I'm in my 30s now and I'm well, but I feel so behind em... (2:18)

I have dreams are about being in a war situation and after running, I always get caught by the enemy. I wake up in the morning shattered. How can I st... (2:31)

While I have a positive outlook on life, I seem to come to tears easily if I talk about painful things. I don't think I'm depressed because I am hope... (2:18)

How do I decide what is helpful and what is enabling regarding addicts? (1:40)

When I was a child, my grandfather molested me. Although I have never discussed it with him, I suspect that my father was also molested. Where do I go... (1:46)

My mother passed away and my dad is an abusive alcoholic. I've never dealt with a single problem in my life; I always just push it aside. Now that I ... (2:10)

I have such a hurtful need to be loved, that when I get into a relationship, I get so focused on the man that I put him too high of a priority even ov... (2:24)

Do you believe that alcoholism is an inherited disease and one will always be an alcoholic and can never learn to manage alcohol? I come from a long l... (2:36)

Try as I may, I cannot believe God loves me. I am a woman with no goals in life - I'm drifting towards the last days aimlessly. I certainly have no ... (1:26)

With OCD, how does a person distinguish between valid concerns regarding one's relationship with God and obsessions? I particularly struggle with assu... (2:42)

I am not happy with my breast surgery. I can't go back now. What should I do? (2:08)

Would it be considered normal for a person to be asexual (and not married) or is that an indication that something is wrong? What may cause a person ... (2:08)

Twelve years of unemployment after my graduate education have left me feeling totally rejected by people, even those I helped raise including my famil... (2:08)

How do you get power over lust? (2:02)

My wife suffers from some form of social anxiety disorder. Every time she walks into church or any other social gathering where there are many people ... (2:24)

There is a woman who has confided to me that she cuts herself with some frequency. She has also hinted that life may not be worth living if she can't ... (2:05)