In a marriage when one partner has already left emotionally, what path should the other take? (1:40)

My spouse has made up their mind that they want to leave me. What can I do? (2:37)

My husband has been physically abusing me for years. Counseling helps for a while, but his rage always comes back. Should I leave him or keep trying? (4:58)

My husband gambled away all of our money. He is getting psychological help through his employee assistance group, but I don't know how to cope with my... (6:38)

What are the danger signs that a marriage is in trouble? (6:05)

Should I tell my fiance that I had an abortion when I was younger? It was years before I met him. (2:08)

My husband committed a crime and I'm the only one who knows about it. I think he should turn himself in, but he does not agree. What should I do? (2:54)

What is the best way to find a good marriage counselor? (2:20)

There is a young man I know who is a compulsive gambler. He plays poker online any chance he gets. I'm worried that this will lead him to a similar ad... (1:35)

My husband is always working and doesn't seem to want to be at home with me. If I say I am going out with my friends he gets angry and says I am not a... (3:16)

I'm in the military so we move around a lot. Now that we have a family (6 month old, 3 year old and 5 year old) my wife wants me to leave the service ... (2:57)

My wife is mentally ill and not able to take care of herself by any standard. She is more like a child to me, and I'm torn between resentment and comp... (1:34)

How do you support a husband going through 'mid life crisis . (2:11)

My father passed away a couple years ago. My mother is still going through stages of grief and having some problems dealing with life as a result of ... (1:49)

My fiance is Jewish, and I am a Christian. What is the best way for me to get through this? How am I supposed to please her parents, and mine? Do y... (1:35)

How can I help my wife deal with post-partum depression? (2:17)

When one person in a marriage clams up and won't talk during a disagreement, how can you resolve it in a timely manner? (1:36)

How do I set boundaries after a divorce from a 38-year marriage? My husband doesn't want to be married, and tells me so all the time, but he's always ... (1:07)

My husband wants me to go back to work. We have grown children and we have enough money, so finances aren't the issue. I enjoy puttering at home but h... (3:20)

My husband of 62 years passed away last year. There is nothing left to look forward to, but people are trying to get me to start new activities and ho... (4:45)

My husband's mother is super-emotional and given to anger when she is crossed. My husband feels like he has it in his power to keep her from flying of... (4:46)

Why don't I want my ex-husband to get remarried? I certainly don't want to be married to him, but I've been miserable since I heard he is getting marr... (3:59)

My husband left the family and caused tremendous pain to me, our grown children and friends. Now he wants to return. I'm willing to try but it's so aw... (3:01)

I'm in aviation and my whole job is about being away. My wife knew about the demands of my schedule before we were married, but I think she idealized ... (5:27)

My husband is eighteen years older than me and it's really starting to be a problem, now that he's in his seventies. He doesn't want to leave the apar... (2:06)

When we go out for dinner my wife asks me to make the decisions on where to go and what to order. If I make the wrong decision and we don't have a goo... (3:25)

When my husband and I are in a disagreement how do we get to the crux of the real issues? It seems like we talk around issues that are unspoken but I ... (3:22)

I had an affair that led to the end of an abusive marriage. We ended up getting married and have been happy for nine years. Should we tell people our ... (2:56)

My husband debates and debates and debates. Even if he agrees with what I say he'll take the opposite tack just to debate. I'm exhausted, but my frien... (1:27)

My husband was laid off and it's too late for him to start over. he's depressed. I'm depressed. How can I help him? We're too broke to retire and too ... (3:08)

I'm an optimist I can't help it. This irritates my wife to no end. I can empathize only to a point I'm not unfeeling, I know life can be difficult... (1:57)

I love my husband but I can't get any sleep he kicks the covers, thrashes around and snores until the windows rattle. I have been sleeping in the g... (1:46)

My husband and I fight about money all the time. I've heard that fights about money are actually about other issues. Can you talk about that? (4:38)

I serve in the military and have my MBA as well. My wife thinks we would have a lot more money if I resigned my commission and entered the business wo... (5:27)

My husband accepted a job in another state. I am not happy about this because he thinks I am too close to my family and friends and that we should mov... (2:20)

My fiance and I have almost graduated from college. I would like to join the armed services after we get married and before we start our family but my... (3:53)

I have been married to a man for 24 years who has been described as a narcissist and a loner by those around him. I began working with your resources ... (4:05)

My husband and I are getting a divorce after 30 yrs of marriage. After extensive marriage counseling, he still is choosing to drink excessively (he is... (5:13)

My fiance and I are currently planning a wedding. We met with the pastor and he had opinions about everything that I had planned to do. For example, ... (2:18)

I'm pregnant and I would not like to know the sex of the baby, however, my husband would like to know and so would both of our families. I feel like ... (3:23)

My husband is extremely overweight and in poor health. He WON'T do anything to improve his health. Any suggestions from me make him very angry. Hel... (2:51)

When riding in the car with my husband, I seem to HAVE to tell him how to drive. This makes him angry. How can I stop this bad habit? (2:30)

What can I do when my spouse doesn't want anything to change? She isn't abusive, but she's not allowing me to grow. (2:05)

Two years after we moved to another state my husband asked for a divorce. We have two young children. Because of the custody arrangements I can't move... (2:44)

My husband's mother told him years ago that she had wanted to have an abortion when she found out she was pregnant with him. She went on to have eight... (2:10)

My wife and I have a low sex marriage. I have no desire for my wife but want to do what is Biblical. My doctor assured me that the problem isn't physi... (5:25)

My husband and I disagree on a very important subject, adoption. We are having a hard time having children and if we can't have a child of our own my... (3:56)

A friend's husband is a pastor. He has told her he wants a divorce. He moved into the basement and continues at his church. The elders are aware but a... (2:21)

I am married to a man that thinks it's the husband's role to take care of the finances. I would like to be more involved but don't know how to insert ... (3:27)

My husband lost his job over ten years ago and it is affecting our marriage. He is depressed, not interested in sex, does not provide for us financia... (4:00)

How do you deal with a husband that I believe has paranoid personality disorder or severe depression? He refuses to go to the doctor. My daughter & I ... (2:21)

I'm at a loss as to how to comfort my husband who is worried sick about his employment/employer as he is involved with the company in a lawsuit. His t... (4:37)

I am about to get married but I'm beginning to have doubts. I broke up with my high school sweetheart because I didn't want to be tied down to a relat... (4:02)

My husband coached our son's football team for all of his Pop Warner years. Now our son is in high school and my husband isn't able to coach him. They... (2:56)

My friend has a full time job outside the home and so does her husband. They have chosen to keep the financial part of their marriage totally separat... (1:37)

My husband and I struggle with our sex life. I adore him but don't have a fraction of the sexual desire he does. I know this is hurtful to him which h... (3:23)

How do you call it quits? We have been married 4 years and my husband has a LOW/no sex drive. He seen dr.'s, and we've done counseling. We just can't ... (3:24)

My husband withholds affection from simple things to sex. Last year we went 11 months without sex. Normally its 3x a year. He has been to the dr.'s an... (3:01)

I am newly married and my husband is SO easygoing it drives me nuts. The answer to just about every question is, "I don't care." I want him to care, a... (3:44)

I've been married for 9 months. I'm starting to feel smothered and I'm wondering if I made a big mistake. You always hear the first year of marriage i... (5:05)

Three days after I got a new truck, my husband wrecked it. I told him it was ok, accidents happen to all of us. A week later I accidentally broke one ... (3:40)

I'm 23 and everyone thinks I should be married. I'm not even thinking about marriage yet. Is there something wrong with me? (1:47)

My ex-husband and I divorced by a mutual decision. We both felt that we married without really knowing who the other one was and we were not compatibl... (3:20)

My husband cannot control money but is unwilling to let me take care of our finances. We've had overdrafts, utilities shut off and can't ever get ahea... (1:55)

I am recovering from porn addiction. My wife moved out and wants a divorce. She refuses to seek marriage counseling. What else can I do to save my mar... (3:28)

I asked my husband to move out because he went to a bachelor party and I don't trust him when he drinks. Now I regret making him leave, what should I ... (2:56)

My wife filed for divorce a few months ago. She is now hinting at getting back together, but I don't want to take her back. Am I obligated to try and ... (3:14)

My husband is not a believer and is one of the most negative people I know. He's disabled, watches TV all day, lives in the past and complains all of ... (2:46)

My husband and I both have low sex drives and do not have sex often. He is overweight and feels badly about himself and I have always had difficulty w... (2:07)

My husband of fifteen months has a habit of speaking to me harshly, with ridicule or sarcasm. If I tell him he is hurtful, he only gets more irritated... (5:00)

I feel like there is a roadblock to the spiritual intimacy between my husband and I. He does not want to nor sees the need to pray with me. Is praying... (2:37)

My therapist says I need to stop trying so hard to please my husband, and to take care of myself first. Do you think this is good advice? (3:33)

My husband and I have been separated for five months. We have three children under the age of 5. He already has a girlfriend and is having our kids ov... (2:09)

My husband is a professed Christian who is an alcoholic. Is it wrong for me, a committed Christian, to withhold sexual relations from my husband as a ... (1:21)

My husband of 12 years shoved me after a confrontation about getting help for anger management. He is also verbally abusive. We have four small childr... (2:04)

Is it wrong for 1st cousins to marry even if they don't have children together? (1:06)

My husband started a new job where he needs to travel to another city for training with his female co-worker. I don't feel comfortable with it since m... (2:48)

My husband has been thinking about a woman he had a sexual relationship with, when we were apart for 3 months. How do I deal with this? (2:30)

My wife divorced me after 43 years because I would not join her church. I do go to church but my friend, the pastor does not have a bible degree. Her ... (1:48)

My husband and I have issues with fighting and going over the same things continually. He constantly tracks my whereabouts, money I spend, people I se... (4:54)

I have been divorced and remarried for 15 years with 2 children from the previous marriage and 2 with my current husband. My current husband HATES my ... (2:03)

I am in the midst of a divorce that I did not want. My spouse wants his freedom whatever that means. I have always been taught that remarriage after d... (3:31)

My husband will not attend our young children's sporting events. He says he is bored there. I am so embarrassed with all the other dads there and my h... (2:49)

I am a married man in love with another woman. My wife hurts my self-esteem and is not supportive. Do you have any advice for me? (3:07)

I feel very offended when my husband watches a movie with a nude woman. To me, it is like he is being unfaithful. He tells me I am overreacting. What ... (1:27)

My husband left our home about 2 months ago. He called and said he wants a divorce and he does not love me anymore. We have one daughter at home who h... (2:13)

Alcoholism runs in my husband's family. I am starting to see the traits develop in my husband. He is in denial. What do I do? (1:55)

My husband moved out and filed for divorce after 4 1/2 months of marriage. He says he isn't breaking his wedding vows with divorce because he will alw... (1:41)

My husband was sexually abused as a child and has told no one but me and refuses to go to counseling, with or without me. I realize that I have enable... (2:14)

My husband and I have struggled for 18 years with issues relating to his drinking and sexual demands. My counselor is walking me through your book, "B... (2:34)

Should I be concerned that the woman I have been with for 17 years runs from our problems and confides in an old friend? (2:43)

I have had an emotional affair. My husband was never there for me even though I pleaded for many years. Is the affair my fault? Do I have to take tota... (3:10)

I have been married for 12 years and discovered my husband is a compulsive liar. This has killed the love I had for him. What do I do? (3:22)

How does a relationship work if the couple doesn't have the same interests? For example, one person is a homebody while the other likes to go out? Wha... (2:53)

I recently just ended a four year affair. I got divorced 7 months ago but have recently moved back in with my ex-wife. She has met a guy online and ha... (2:12)

How can I develop trust in my new marriage after there was adultery in my past marriage? (1:42)

I have a friend whose wife just left him. He found a room full of romantic novels with strong sexual content. We understand this to be fantasy and the... (1:42)

I think my wife cut her hair very short to spite me and I hate it. Am I wrong to be mad at her? I haven't spoken to her in 2 weeks. (3:04)

Is it ever right to lie to your spouse? (1:49)

How can you help a spouse recognize their addictive behavior? (1:55)

How do you know when to keep working on a marriage and when to seek a divorce? (1:24)

What do you do if your spouse refuses to discuss things that you disagree about? (2:14)

My spouse and I are committed to each other, but we just don't feel in love anymore. How do we get it back? (2:29)

My wife uses a condescending tone of voice to me, even though her words are neutral. How can I make her understand this? (2:47)

My husband criticizes me in public. What can I do to make him stop? (4:40)

My wife is verbally abusive to me when she has PMS. I know it's the hormones, but she seems to use it as a license to attack me and refuses to be acco... (3:41)

My husband is leaving me for a younger woman. My children and I are devastated. How can I keep from becoming bitter? (3:35)

Is it a problem if one person in a marriage is a brand new Christian and the other has walked with the Lord their whole life? (1:47)

My husband as been having an affair for the last year and is now living with the woman. If he decides to leave her and asks me to forgive him, should ... (2:34)

How do you forgive an unfaithful spouse? (2:23)

What if your spouse is not as invested in the relationship as you are? What do you do? (3:35)

My husband is a pastor and puts his ministry above our family and we feel neglected. What should we do? (2:24)

I was sexually abused by my older brother's friend when I was a little girl and now years later I have trouble being intimate with my husband. What ca... (2:46)

We've been married for over 20 years and our marriage seems to be in one long rut that we cannot get out of. We seem to just be going through the moti... (3:24)

I've been married for almost 10 years, and I sometimes find myself thinking about my college girlfriend and wondering if I made a mistake by not marry... (1:42)

I am so unhappy in my marriage. Should I stick it out any longer? (4:02)

The only reason we are staying together is because our children are still in middle and high school. Is that the right thing to do? (2:11)

What is the best thing to do when you feel you are the only one working at the relationship? (2:21)

What should I do when my spouse is upset and wont speak to me? (2:52)

Is emotional intimacy outside of marriage equivalent to adultery? (1:57)

My wife and I are separated but working toward getting back together. My wife is afraid of the reaction she will get from her mother, some friends, an... (2:37)

What do you do when a couple is trying to communicate to resolve a hurt or disagreement and they don't hear or understand what the other person is try... (3:17)

What do you do when your wife is obviously upset and you ask her "What's wrong?" and she says, "nothing?" (2:31)

Does forgiveness require an admission of wrong doing? In other words, if we believe that someone has wronged us, are we obligated to forgive them if t... (1:31)

If one marriage partner feels that the couple needs counseling to maintain the health of the marriage, what valid reasons could the other partner have... (2:11)

I had an affair in my past and it is now over. I have come to terms with it myself, but do I need to tell my spouse? (2:08)

What can a wife do when the husband is fearful of emotions and refuses to see someone to discuss the issues? (3:10)

What can be done when one of the partners in a marriage is selfish and does not give in to the other? (3:24)

I recently gave birth and my husband and I have not yet been sexually intimate in many months. What should I do? (2:58)

I am in a verbally and emotionally abusive marriage, should I divorce? (2:52)

How do I talk to my wife about something wrong that I've done when what I have to say is going to hurt or anger her? (2:20)

My husband has a gambling addiction and has essentially bankrupted the family. Otherwise he is a kind and good man. Should I throw him out on the stre... (2:20)

When my husband corrects me, I feel criticized. I feel he is parenting me, rather than telling me his thoughts as an adult. He says he is telling me h... (2:23)

What are some practical steps a husband can take to become more sensitive to his wife? (3:17)

I know I need to respect my husband, but he certainly blows it in business decisions and our personal finances. What should I do? (2:28)

How do I assess my spouse's needs without her thinking she is a clinical case study? (3:13)

My husband will not go to church with me. I get so sad when I see other couples in church together. Is there any insight you can give me to overcome... (4:37)

We have been married for 10 years and we don't have a very good sex life. What do you recommend to rekindle the spark? (2:57)

Should you tell your husband everything? (2:19)

I think my husband might be having an affair. How should I approach him? How can I find out if it is true? (2:29)

I think my husband is watching pornography on the internet. What should I do? How should I confront him? (2:56)

Is there really such a thing as the "seven year itch?" We have been married for about seven years and our marriage is struggling. Is this just a coinc... (2:05)

I find myself looking more and more at other women. I've never had an affair but I do look. I have tried to control this, but it hasn't worked. What c... (2:03)

My husband makes major purchases without even consulting me! I also work full-time and we barely have enough left at the end of the month to put into ... (2:48)

I've been married for 35 years and there is absolutely no communication, and a passive resistance to the whole idea of counseling, where do I start? I... (4:45)

My wife flirts with other men. It makes me jealous and it hurts. What should I do? (3:33)

We have been married for a number of years and our sex life is very routine. How can we spice it up? (2:02)

Is it important to be physically attracted to your wife? We have been married for 15 years and have 3 children. My wife has kind of let herself go and... (2:37)

My wife and I seem to get into disagreement about finances a lot: how to budget money, what we should buy and what we should not. Is this normal? And ... (2:23)

After the birth of our child, my wife started displaying obsessive behavior with a lot of cleanliness issues and a strong desire to control my child a... (3:03)

Soon after my child was born my wife changed dramatically. She has put my child ahead of our marriage for the last 9 years now. What can I do to estab... (3:35)

My wife stopped touching me years ago. Am I to continue showing physical affection to her even though I feel like my "touch tank" is empty? (2:41)

Before I was married I had multiple sexual relationships, but my spouse did not. When we're intimate, I still have thoughts of my former relationships... (3:17)

My wife is a nurse and her housekeeping standards are very high. I'm not a slob but I don't feel as committed to cleaning. How do we negotiate how cle... (2:27)

We've been married for less than a year and we fight a lot. We never fought when we were dating or engaged. I don't like this! Why are we fighting? (3:54)

My husband wants to be intimate and have sex more often than I do. The stress of it is making me avoid even thinking about sex! We're so far apart on ... (2:37)

Is it okay for a married couple to go to different churches, if they are both committed to them? (1:58)

How do I live with the wrong mate choice? (2:35)

I married a wonderful man who has two children by a previous marriage. His former wife had serious psychiatric issues that made it difficult for her t... (2:20)

My best friend is marrying a man and I think it's a huge mistake. They don't seem happy to me - just resigned that they won't do any better. To me, m... (2:04)

My husband and I used to fight like crazy. We always ended up saying things one or both of us later regretted. We recently discovered that we can cond... (1:38)

When my husband and I were first married we agreed that children were not for us, and they never would be. I was so young I had no idea that we would ... (2:32)

My husband is in the Marines and in his second tour of duty in Iraq. I am so against this war, but I want to support my husband, his fellow Marines an... (2:12)

I think my wife is irrationally jealous of everyone I know; family, friends, coworkers, even our grandchildren. What are the signs that someone is too... (2:08)

My wife had an affair and it didn't last - she wants to move back home. I'm afraid that she only wants to come back because her boyfriend dumped her. ... (2:45)

Do married couples have to become more distant over time? Shouldn't the opposite be true? (2:08)

What are some ways to put the fire back into a marriage? We have reached the bifocals stage. (3:03)

For a woman to feel sexually attractive, does the atmosphere have to be just right? My wife insists on the wine and candles and music and sometimes th... (1:35)

I've heard that most marital fights are about money, sex or kids. Isn't all of this ultimately about control? What's your observation about this? (1:28)

What do I do when my husband repeatedly says he wants to leave me but never does? I'm tempted to surprise him and change the locks when he leaves for ... (1:42)

Should women seek to meet some of their emotional needs outside of marriage? My wife insists that she needs a lot of people around but I'm happy with ... (2:40)

Should I separate from my husband because he hit me one time? My friends say so but my mom says to forgive him. (2:15)

Should I tell my wife that another woman made a pass at me? (1:11)

Can I have a fulfilling sexual relationship when I get married if I've never had premarital sex? (1:48)

Is there a way to get my wife to stop talking about all her exes? She's a faithful wife but she dwells on her past relationships too much. (1:32)

I cheated on my wife three years ago. I've repented and I feel terrible and don't want to hurt her. But the guilt is killing me. Is it selfish of me t... (2:00)

My husband offers to help with the kids or help with the housework. This drives me crazy because it implies that it's my responsibility, and that ... (1:59)

I'm in my mid- 20's, finished with college, and engaged. My fiance and I are paying for the wedding, but wanted to include our parents in the plans. T... (1:25)

My wife is not interested in any physical intimacy whatsoever. We're only in our forties and I've always been a faithful husband. I can't get her to a... (2:47)

My wife is bipolar and her medication is only partially helpful. Because of this we don't get invited many places - her behavior makes people uncomfor... (1:16)

I think my wife is having an affair with one of my friends. Should I confront her? Should I confront him? (1:45)

My husband and I have two children, 5 years old and 3 months old. I feel like he works really long hours and puts work as a priority over his family. ... (3:36)

I recently got married. What I didn't know is that I was also marrying his mom. She is constantly coming over and calling about every little detail th... (2:35)

I keep hearing experts on TV say that married people should have separate money. However, I feel like that's not part of the partnership of marriage. ... (1:39)

My husband thinks that because he makes more money then I do, he gets all say in everything financially related. I feel like it should be equal. Am I ... (1:56)

How do you know when it's the right time in a marriage to start having kids? (2:06)

My husband and I are separated and he is still very involved with our children and house maintenance. However, he feels this entitles him to walk in w... (2:14)

What is the best way to handle our wedding plans when we (the bride and groom) attend one church and each set of parents attend two different churches... (2:01)

My husband had a 5 month affair, and is not repentant, but he wants to live at home. He says we can't afford to live apart. We have small children an... (2:12)

My husband and I were married for 12 years. He now says he never loved me and that he married the wrong person. How could I have missed something so h... (1:54)

My husband moved in with another woman. We own a house together and have a business and work together every day. How do I separate from so many areas ... (2:42)

My husband has been verbally abusive since we married. I just don't know how to stop it. (3:51)

My wife and her mother are inseparable. I feel like I don't get the full person or a real marriage, because her mother meets the majority of her needs... (3:15)

How can I reconcile with my wife if she has no desire to be married or reconcile? (2:35)

I have been married for 31 years. One problem my husband and I have had from the beginning is that he has the "avoidance" style of relating and he wit... (2:26)

I love my husband but he smokes. I see this as self-destructive and it makes me feel unloved because he is in effect shortening our years of marriage.... (2:56)

My close friend is married to a very controlling man. He keeps her on a very tight budget and she has no funds of her own. But he purchased a $200,000... (2:52)

There has been a pattern of betrayal, internet pornography, repeated lying and deception in my marriage. I have worked on myself tremendously and requ... (2:08)

My husband shuts down all discussion of difficult subjects with "don't fight with me." I say "I want to talk about how I feel when you play video game... (2:13)

My husband wants to have children now after we have been married only one year. I want to wait until he finishes college. I want to work on my masters... (2:13)

My husband is the sole decision maker in our family. He insists that I work outside the home, makes all our financial decisions, and does not give me ... (2:42)

After 19 years of marriage and at the age of 46, I've determined I'm a sex addict. I have been emotionally abusive to my wife and she's finally had en... (2:44)

I was married for eight years to a man who physically, emotionally and sexually abused me. He finally asked me to leave him before he killed me. We ha... (1:40)

My wife and I are getting divorced. I cannot see my two lovely daughters right now due to allegations that my wife and step-daughter made about me. I ... (1:48)

I am separated from my non-believer wife and she wants a divorce. However she wants me to file for it. I feel as a Christian this is wrong for me to d... (1:22)

I am struggling with letting go of an unhealthy marriage, we have been separated for a year, and the divorce was final about 3 weeks ago. I was very c... (1:35)

I was married for 34 years to a "Christian" school principal who abused me and was a sex addict. I found out 16 months ago and we have been separated ... (1:42)

My husband is addicted to internet porn and masturbation. He is seeking help from therapy, but I feel so much pain and anger every time he confesses. ... (2:09)

I keep telling my wife that I just want her to listen to me but she always either interrupts me or says she knows how I feel and launches into how she... (1:49)

How do I handle the fact that my husband likes to leave my side at functions to chat with other women even if I tell him it hurts me to see that he ap... (1:47)

I am a married woman (31 years) who gave my heart to another man 12 years ago. My out-of-marriage partner and I have emotional intimacy and that is al... (1:08)

How should the subject of finances in a second marriage be approached? My husband does not tell me about the things he is doing. I have found credit c... (1:23)

It's only been 2 months since I gave birth. My husband left me 2 months before I gave birth due to a dispute and came back 2 days before I gave birth.... (2:04)

When my spouse and I have sex, it's over before I know it. What can we do to prolong the experience? (1:36)

My husband of 20 years is verbally abusive. He flirts and humiliates me in public. What can I do? (2:24)

Is it wrong to set the final limit and leave my Christian alcoholic husband, who, having relapsed 2+ years ago after a 7 1/2 yr. period of sobriety re... (2:22)

How do a wife and husband make a life plan that will consider both of their individual goals? (2:09)

I am a 37 yr. old never married male who grew up in the Church of Christ. Should I compromise in selecting a potential mate that doesn't necessarily ... (2:22)

My husband admits that he gets admiration from talking to other women. Is this an "affair" on his part? What can I do realistically? (3:08)

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Will God be unhappy with me if I divorce my husband of 25 years? He is unfaithful and emotionally unavailable. (2:38)

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I feel so lonely. My husband never kisses me, hugs me, or holds my hand. What should I do? (1:56)

My spouse and I are legally separated but are trying to work things out. Is it alright for us to have a sexual relationship? (1:02)

I struggle with my spouse. He is very severe with me and is constantly trying to prove his superiority. Please help. (1:30)

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