Isn't the Christian life about giving up control, not taking control? (3:11)

I feel like I should be in control of my own destiny. Why should I submit to God? (4:47)

I am starting to feel let down by God because He is not taking my depression away. It seems He would deliver me from this, but nothing is happening. (6:47)

How do I find meaning and purpose in life? (8:24)

My son is moving away from Christianity and towards Orthodox Judaism. He has more peace and stability in his life now than he did when he was a pract... (2:30)

My Pastor believes for most problems and behavioral problems, psychologists are not the answer and are the equivalent of barking up the wrong tree. H... (4:31)

What's the best way to handle chronic absenteeism within small groups at our church? (1:28)

Can you talk about the idea of confessing our sins one to another? What does that look like in day to day family life and friendships as well as how d... (3:19)

Can I witness to people and show them God's love without talking religion? People know I'm a Christian, I am uncomfortable proselytizing. Is it enough... (5:39)

Can I be gay and a Christian? I love the Lord and gave my life to Him but I feel like a hypocrite every day of my life. (4:46)

I've heard that schizophrenia often shows up for the first time during the college-age years. Are there any warning signs? (2:27)

Is masturbation a sin? (4:04)

I am a former Muslim and have been a Christian over 14 years. I feel deep passion for Christ and His message. I am unable to put my passion into thin... (4:17)

We are having a problem communicating with our Pastor. When we go to him to discuss issues we differ about, he thinks we have a conspiracy motive. We ... (5:16)

I think that God is calling me into a leadership position in the church. How can I be sure? (2:37)

Recently a woman in our church who had left her husband and took the children, came back and wants to get back together with her husband. How should w... (2:15)

Do pets/animals go to heaven? (3:30)

What does the Bible teach about birth control? (1:52)

My son is in a Christian college. He observes some teens in small worship groups praising the Lord one night then partying and drinking on the weekend... (4:05)

My husband and I are on a very tight budget. It's a struggle just to pay all our bills every month. I was raised by parents that tithed faithfully so ... (3:15)

What are thoughts of the teachings of existentialist psychiatrist Irvin D. Yalom? (6:43)

My mother passed away 8 months ago from cancer. She was a strong Christian woman, but her unexpected death has shocked our family. There has been no o... (3:23)

There is a man who is involved with kids at our church who is a suspected child abuser. I reported him to the abuse hotline. My question is should I s... (2:12)

I planted a church 3 years ago and I am afraid it will go under due to my personal family struggles. Should I give it to someone else with a more heal... (1:44)

Why do some Christians claim to have faith, but don't exercise it or are always placing doubt in situations. (3:24)

Is mental illness referred to in the Bible? What does God think about mental illness? (5:44)

I've been dating a guy for three months. He says that he loves the Lord and wants to grow spiritually but I don't see any evidence of him pursuing God... (2:53)

I just sold my old rickety car to a family in need, and my girlfriend is furious. I prayed on it and God gave me direction. How can I justify my serva... (3:17)

How can I fight the enemy besides praying? (3:11)

I have been a believer for many years and I have turned control of my life over to Christ, but He has never "felt" real to me. Prayers seem to be only... (4:02)

If Jesus was never sexually abused as a child, how can He know my pain of being sexually abused as a child? (4:41)

Why would God allow my grandfather to molest me when I was only 4? I cannot understand a loving God who would allow that. (2:50)

I recently was confronted by an individual who feels that Christians who have difficulties need to be treated only through the Scripture. He does not ... (3:29)

What do you believe about dreams and their significance in our life? (1:55)

Please explain why "Psychological" counseling is Biblical, and not in conflict with Scriptures. (2:04)

I struggle with the dynamic of God's order of a family: Man-Woman-Children. Me being a new wife and feeling like he puts the kids above me in priorit... (2:04)

I have a jealousy problem. How do I get over feeling jealous? (3:19)

I feel that I have been in a rut spiritually for a long time. What would you suggest I do to get out of it? (2:05)

When I was married, I had an affair that ultimately led to a divorce. It is now 10 years later and I still carry around guilt and shame. How can I for... (4:56)

Could you comment about divorce and remarriage among Christians? (2:46)

I struggle to know if I am on the path that God wants for me in my life. How do you know God's will? (3:44)

I am a Christian who struggles with understanding and knowing that God loves me. I grew up in a terrible family situation. I'm sure that has affected ... (3:34)

I had a terrible, abusive father. He abused me physically and emotionally and I still have so much pain over this. I am now a Christian but I struggle... (4:27)

My father left me and my mother when I was 15 years old. It really hurt me and I have hated him for it. Now I have come to a place where I want to for... (3:16)

How do I handle a friend who is convinced that his view of Christian doctrine is uniquely correct? He finds fault with all kinds of churches, pastors,... (2:09)

How do you find common ground with people who hold very eccentric beliefs long enough to share your own faith with them? (2:00)

I spent a number of years in a very rigid, unyielding belief system. Now, when I read the Bible I struggle to find fresh insight. How do I gain new pe... (2:38)

When I travel I enjoy being completely anonymous. Is it okay to ignore the person next to me on a long flight? I wonder what Jesus would have done? (2:04)

I am a Christian, and I've been dating someone from a different faith for 3 months. We have totally different ideas. But I care a lot for this person.... (1:51)

I don't like church. I've gone to a lot of them but they always leave me feeling cold and lonely. The people seem nice but it seems so forced and unr... (2:08)

I love God but I don't think I'm making progress in my spiritual walk. How do I know if I'm growing as a Christian? (2:16)

I am a Christian but occasionally stumble in two main ways. I get so angry that I hurt people with words and I find I am extremely jealous of people w... (2:17)

How can I become closer to God? (3:57)

I feel close to God, but not people. Is that a problem? (3:10)

I feel close to people, but not God. How can I improve this? (3:03)

What is a Christian? There are so many viewpoints (2:57)

What's the best way to leave a church? My family has been very involved with our church for years, but we want something different. A written letter ... (1:41)

When I go to church I am so hungry for quiet worship and hearing what God has for me. But this is a small town and on my way in and out I get "hit up"... (2:04)

We are both Christians. Where are the lines for physical intimacy before marriage? (2:55)

I'd like to find an older woman who can help me grow and succeed in work, relationships and spiritually. What are the steps to finding a mentor? How d... (1:21)

When one spouse becomes a Christian and the other spouse does not, what are some pitfalls the believing spouse can avoid to keep harmony and show God'... (2:10)

Why doesn't God perform a miracle and prove Himself? (2:27)

According to the DSM, anyone who hears "voices" with no one present is living outside of reality so what's the difference between communicating with G... (2:52)

I facilitate a couples group, and we focus on boundaries in marriage. There is one couple who have serious communication and relationship issues and w... (2:01)

I read the bible daily and belong to a church bible study. I feel that God is real but I have difficulty loving him. I have never felt loved by God or... (1:48)

How can I know if my emotional problems can be helped by prayer and loving God and seriously and prayerfully trying to live Godly principles or if I n... (1:31)

How can you know if God is really calling you to do something or it's your own voice inside your head? (1:39)

I've been disappointed so many times by churches that I don't think I want to risk disappointment again. It's very hard to get through. I pray and stu... (2:28)

In the old days, wasn't salvation considered more of a process than a quick event? (1:31)

I am afraid that I have committed blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. I did not mean to do this; I misunderstood a passage in Revelations that left me ... (1:50)

In How People Grow you make the statement "all growth is spiritual growth."Can you explain what you mean by that? And does that apply to nonbelievers ... (2:14)

I am a doctorial student at Oral Roberts University and work a full-time job. I feel God is calling me to go and preach the gospel. I have no idea whe... (2:04)

Why do you think Christians have failed in the addiction world compared to AA? (1:40)

Do you believe people can become demon-possessed? (2:19)

What guidelines would you have for our elders in a counseling role in our church? (2:44)

I've shared personal details of my life with my Pastor and then he communicates details of what I've shared on the pulpit during his Sunday sermon. Ho... (1:37)

How does one identify a generational curse that has been passed down through my family line? How do you go about breaking that curse? (2:35)

What should a person do regarding unrelenting doubts about one's salvation? (2:43)

With all the new information about sexual addiction and classes offered to men like Everyman's Battle, some men in our church have started confessing ... (1:52)

Please address the scandal hitting the evangelical community with the hypocrisy of one of our leading pastors. (1:43)

God predestined some of us to go to heaven and some to go to hell. As believers we have a purpose in life. What is the purpose in life for those who a... (1:44)

One of the members of my small group asked the question, If Jesus left us the Holy Spirit to guide me, why doesn't He just tell me what I should do in... (1:54)

My teenage son claims to be saved, but blames God for sin. How can we convince him otherwise? (3:14)

Is it biblical to explore your body sexually at any age? What our your thoughts on masturbation prior to marriage, during marriage, or after divorce? (3:00)

I am a senior pastor at a church and do some short-term counseling. My question is: "What are some responsibility guidelines that I can put in place, ... (2:25)

Are there evil people or just really mixed up people? (1:46)

What role should feelings play in one's relationship with God and to what extent should they be relied upon (if at all)? (1:38)

In your presentation, you focused on what most clinicians identify as bio-chemical causes for depression. You mentioned counseling and anti-depressant... (1:48)

I have a 50 yr old woman in my church that recently told me in private that she travels between states to see a man and they are sexually active. The... (2:03)

What are some really good resources for helping church leaders in dealing with interpersonal conflict among their team members? (1:31)

I am a woman over 30, unmarried, and not planning to have children. I have an opportunity to donate my eggs so that families who are unable to get pr... (0:42)

Should Christians boycott businesses that financially support groups that run counter to God's laws? Why do people compromise so easily over the almig... (1:01)

My husband is a new Christian and has asked me a question that I am having a hard time answering. "If men in the Bible had more than one wife, and the... (1:11)

Our church just recently went through a major time of turmoil where about 1/4th of our congregation pulled out. Very few of them have joined other chu... (2:14)