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Good Reasons to Date People (6:35)

Dating is Not About Finding a Mate (4:25)

The Great Fallacy in Your Dating Philosophy (8:56)

Take Ownership Over Your Dating Life (4:17)

Establish Healthy Boundaries in Dating (5:53)

Symptoms that Your Dating Life Needs Boundaries (8:00)

Take God Out on a Date (7:12)

Dating is Not a Cure to Loneliness (4:32)

Is It Ok for a Woman to Pursue a Man? (2:41)

When Should A Divorcee Date Again? (2:52)

Do Not Repeat the Same Old Mistakes (7:53)

Patterns of Ineffective Dating (7:19)

Fear Your Dating Past (2:43)

Choose the Right Date (8:28)

Look for the Right Things in a Date (6:47)

A Character Test for a Truly Loving Person (7:19)

Fall in Love With a Friend (3:49)

Beware When Opposites Attract (3:56)

Responsibility and Expectations in Finding Dates (6:46)

Why is Dating a Serious Choice (3:26)

Dating is Not Exclusively About Marriage (6:51)

Habits Affect Dating (6:44)

Excuses About Dating Are Not Always Accurate (5:14)

Do Something So Good Things Happen (5:50)

Tell a Date How You Really Feel (3:24)

Meet New People (3:17)

Enlarge Your Dating Vision By Trying New Ideas (6:06)

Get Over the Stigma of Dating Services (3:54)

Have an Accountability Team (5:31)

Don't Wait for Your Type (3:52)

Be Flexible With Expectations (3:31)

When a First Date Deserves a Second (5:20)

When It's Ok To Date a Non-Christian (4:07)

Wear a Face That Says You're Open (4:57)

Why Am I Attracted to Bad Guys (2:38)

Being Yourself Is More Attractive (5:16)

Games Are For People Without Lives (2:44)

Guys Need To Initiate (4:17)

Honestly Evaluate Yourself (3:03)

Sex Appeal Isn't About Sex (2:52)

Marriage Is Not For Desperate People (2:09)

How Friendships Can Turn Into More (2:15)

Obstacles In Dating (4:40)

Don't Be Afraid To Get Rejected In Dating (4:07)

You can resurrect your dead dating life. Here's how! (4:30)

Your fantasy person isn't just a fantasy... they're a train wreck! (5:13)

Take the dating challenge - keep a log and see what happens next! (7:10)

What about those "rules" of dating? (2:46)

Dating for Men: Tips to jump start your dating life (2:37)

Dating for Men: What are women looking for in a man? (3:21)

Dating for Men: Moving out of fantasyland. (2:06)

Dating for Men: Learning to be yourself. (3:21)

When two halves DON'T make a whole. (5:20)

The "You-Complete-Me Thing." (2:56)

Identifying "Relationship Busters" (7:51)

The sexual person - it should be you. (4:11)

Is it sex or is it Prozac? (6:20)

What happens when you say "no" to sex? (1:47)

For the single person - how far is "too far?" Maybe that's not the question! (3:16)

Risk and romance. Who needs it? (3:50)