Video Channels/Topics

The Three Things Needed to Succeed (5:29)

Learn to Meet the Demands of Reality (4:05)

Develop the Ability To Create and Maintain Trust (5:26)

Examples of Trust Building through Connecting (5:26)

Orient Yourself Toward the Truth (5:34)

Reality Is Always Your Friend (4:28)

Integrity Is About Producing Results (5:57)

Delayed Gratification Builds Character (3:52)

Embrace the Negative (6:59)

Be Able to Make the Hard Calls (2:04)

Create Growth in Your Life (7:37)

Learn How To Create Growth (1:06)

Adjust to Transcendent Realities (4:50)

Serve Values that Are Larger Than You (3:52)

The Last Word on Integrity (1:34)

Our Past Fears Can Prevent Our Future Dreams (5:04)

Dreams Respond to Positive and Negative Voices (2:00)

The Fear of Failure Prevents our Dreams (2:29)

Don't Let Failure Deter Your Dreams (2:27)

Is Your Dream Based In Reality? (3:27)

Our Community Fosters Our Dreams (5:36)

God Is Crucial To the Outcome Of Our Dreams (3:21)

Obstacles Are Normal (6:14)

Traits of People Who Fail Poorly (4:33)

Trails Of People Who Fail Well (4:12)

You Are Not Alone In Your Failure (6:39)

Partner With God In Overcoming Failures (1:59)

Define Your Goals (2:01)

Be Concerned With God's Affirmation Not Others' (3:13)

Confront Your Personal Weakness (2:18)

Have Structure In Your Life (2:47)

A Successful Plan for Handling Failures and Obstacles (7:20)

Play the movie and watch the ending. You'll be ahead of the game. (5:40)

Pull the Tooth! Successful people deal quickly with negative energy drains. (4:44)

Hand-wringing helps! How constructive worrying can be beneficial to your health. (4:20)

Your ability to confront will predict your success in life. (6:33)

Define yourself: who you are and where you stand. (7:52)

Can you "fess up" to your weaknesses and assess your strengths? It's more important than you think - here's where to start. (6:41)

Connection is not a luxury - it's the fuel of your life. (6:37)

It's not all your responsibility. Where it starts and ends. (2:31)

Reality will help overcome perfectionism - especially for leaders. (2:19)

Personal growth - get comfortable with "process" and forget about time (7:16)