Video Channels/Topics

Listening in a Small Group (5:19)

Role Playing Active and Passive Listening in a Group (5:46)

Small Groups Are Not Classrooms (5:29)

Common Inhibitors to Authenticity in Groups (2:57)

Listening to Lead People Deeper in Groups (7:48)

Interpret Meaning in Small Group Discussions (2:54)

Go Deeper in Small Group Discussions (7:58)

Connect with People's Soul in Groups (6:39)

Connect with People's Passion in Groups (2:18)

Listen in a Loop (4:59)

Specific Listening Skills for Group Leaders (4:31)

Non-Verbal Communication as a Group Leader (3:52)

Use Reflective Statements as a Group Leader (2:46)

Burning Questions Concerning Listening as a Group Leader (5:50)

The Challenge of Sharing Imperfections in a Group (3:09)

Honesty in Groups Opens People to the Work of the Spirit (7:08)

Honesty in Groups Promotes Healing and Increases Confidence (4:15)

Honesty Holds a Group Together and Fosters Emotional Well-Being (4:56)

Honesty in Groups Minimizes Pretending and Encourages Deeper Communication (3:36)

Barriers to Admitting our Imperfections (2:30)

Legalistic Versus Grace Based Small Groups Culture (8:28)

Four Ways People Hide Their Imperfections in a Group (2:38)

Help Groups Share Imperfections (5:28)

Practices for Helping a Group Share Imperfections (7:29)

Burning Questions Concerning Sharing Imperfections in a Group (9:14)

The Power of Questions in a Group (6:42)

Truth Focused vs. Life Focused Groups (7:41)

Ask Better Questions in Groups (5:06)

Role Playing Good Questions in a Group (3:50)

Ask Guided Questions in a Group (7:36)

Ask Probing Questions in a Group (5:35)

Discussion Killers in a Group (4:15)

Unsolicited Advice Kills Group Discussion (5:42)

Over-Spiritualizing Kills Group Discussion (5:06)

Burning Questions Concerning Transformational Questions in a Small Group (5:36)

Barriers for Spiritual Growth in a Small Group (4:53)

Bad Group Experiences in the Past Inhibit Spiritual Growth in Groups (8:06)

Fear of Self Disclosure Inhibits Spiritual Growth in Groups (6:19)

Help People Overcome the Fear of Self Disclosure (6:38)

Leaders Share Their Weakness to the Group (3:22)

Unclear Community Expectations Inhibit Spiritual Growth in Groups (6:27)

Absence of Ground Rules Inhibits Spiritual Growth in Groups (7:25)

Clarify Expectations and Enforce Ground Rules in Groups (5:32)

Poor Curriculum Inhibits Spiritual Growth in a Small Group (4:07)

Burning Questions Concerning Facilitating Spiritual Growth in Groups (7:42)

Why Our Attempts at Prayer Fail (7:21)

Practical Ways to Begin a Prayer Life (3:01)

Grace Fuels Our Spiritual Life (5:25)

Even Movers and Shakers Can Be Still (5:20)

The Problem With Religion (5:00)

Give Up Being Independent (3:34)

Give Up Perfection (2:16)

Pain Happens and Will Happen Again (4:00)

Though Life Is Not Easy, A Promise Awaits (3:54)

How Do We Understand God In a Fallen World? (3:49)

How Can We Become Honest Christians? (3:13)

What Is Life's Purpose? (2:13)

Deal With Fear and Pain (2:38)

How Do We Handle Dysfunctional People? (3:55)

Reconcile Unrealized Areas In Your Life (2:30)

How Do We Overcome Barriers Of Conflict? (3:41)

The Nature Of Forgiveness (3:25)

How Is Guilt Related To Anger? (2:09)

Too Often We Live Under the Law (5:49)

Uncover the Truth of Your Problems (4:44)

Grace Is the Ultimate Fertilizer (3:58)

Healing Takes Time (2:22)

What If Your Spouse Is Not Interested In Spiritual Growth (4:02)

Can We Forgive Ourselves (2:57)

How Should We Approach a Legalistic Church (2:29)

God's ideas and my ideas. When it feels like there's disconnect between what you want and what He wants. (6:33)

Leave your expectations at the door and you'll be amazed by what you find inside. (3:18)

A good look in the mirror: Get small and get humble and see what happens next. (7:07)

The one relationship that will affect all the others in your life. (2:00)