Overcoming Fear In Uncertain Times

July 26, 2011Cloud-Townsend ResourcesChanges That Heal, FaithComments Off on Overcoming Fear In Uncertain Times

Anthrax. Bombings. Hijackings. In the world after September 11, feeling secure is an elusive goal. It seems that, at least of late, there is a new reason for fear almost daily. And with all the information that is available to us so quickly, if we want more scary things, we can all too easily find […]

Ministry Counseling with Purpose

July 26, 2000Cloud-Townsend ResourcesFaith, Small GroupsComments Off on Ministry Counseling with Purpose

If you are in any sort of ministry, it is a certainty that you have more than a little opportunity for counseling. The needs of people just tend to surface whenever any representative of God is available. And if you are like most ministers, you have some sense of enjoyment of this aspect of your […]

Overcoming The Fear Factor In Sharing Your Faith

July 26, 2000Cloud-Townsend ResourcesFaithComments Off on Overcoming The Fear Factor In Sharing Your Faith

By: Henry Cloud, Ph.D. Have you ever felt the tug of wanting to share your faith with someone and then didn’t? Have you ever known a friend for some time, prayed for him or her, and yet the time “never seemed right” to share with that person? What about that person in the airplane seat […]