How do you become a good parent when your parents were bad role models? (2:06)

When should a teenager draw a boundary to a parent about their parent inquiring into their personal daily activities? (2:10)

My daughter is dating a boy I do not trust. I hear he is wild and drinks a lot. How do I talk to my daughter about this? (2:11)

We had a group of people over to our home. There was a kid that was misbehaving in an inappropriate way, one of the other parents disciplined the kid.... (2:29)

My 18 year old daughter is in need of counseling, she is living a double life and is extremely conflicted. She said she will go to a counselor only if... (1:20)

What are some of the most important things that I as a parent can say or do for my children? (3:45)

My ten year old son doesn't get along with his teacher. She is very difficult to talk to. What can I do to start productive communication with this wo... (4:06)

I have a three year old who is pretty disobedient. I have tried many forms of discipline, like time out and spankings, but he doesn't respond to anyth... (5:47)

I am a parent of three children. A year ago my wife and I felt like God was calling us to adopt a boy. This has created havoc in our home. Our adopted... (5:54)

What are your thoughts on "time out" as a disciplinary tool? (2:10)

People often ask personal questions about our 3-year-old adopted daughter who is obviously of a different race than my husband and me. How can we ans... (1:34)

What are your thoughts on children sleeping in the same bed as their parents? (1:42)

I gave my first baby up for adoption ten years ago when I was 21 and now I am consumed with thoughts about her and guilt over giving her up. Can you ... (2:00)

What are your thoughts on using Ritalin to treat ADHD? (1:32)

I'm a first-time mother with a problem. I feel overwhelmed by the demands of my baby, but I don't trust anyone else to handle him. I refuse all offers... (2:09)

I don't want to breastfeed my daughter but I'll feel like a bad mother if I quit. My husband, my mother, even the neighbors think I should breastfeed ... (2:27)

My daughter is 15 and pregnant. She wants to put the baby up for adoption. I am worried that down the road she might change her mind and regret this... (1:18)

My daughter has made some choices about what she wants to do in life but my husband is not being supportive. As a mother I feel we should support her... (1:52)

I believe my daughter has an eating disorder. Every time I try to bring this up, she denies it. What is the best way to address this with her, and h... (1:29)

What are your thoughts on co-ed college dorms? (1:25)

My 18 year old son wants to get a tattoo. What should I do? (2:01)

Do you have any suggestions for easing the stress of a divorce for children? (2:27)

I've never told my children that I was married twice before. They're now in their twenties. On the one hand, I feel silly for keeping it from them, b... (2:08)

I have a child that is a compulsive liar and I have no idea what to believe, or how to deal with this. (2:06)

My nine year old son has cancer. I don't know how to handle this, or how to prepare him and my other two children for what's to come once his treatmen... (4:43)

I have a serious (but treatable) form of cancer. Everybody treats me differently now. I don't feel like myself anymore because nobody treats me like m... (2:40)

I have a new baby and while I'm in love with our little son I don't much like this mothering thing. I don't enjoy being so stressed and overwhelmed, a... (2:13)

My son was very athletic. A few years ago he was paralyzed in a car accident. He thinks his life is over, but he's only twenty three. He is on antidep... (3:49)

My parents have an unusually close relationship. They love each other and do everything together. Now that I'm an adult I see something wrong with thi... (1:37)

When my thirteen year old daughter died our family was decimated. We don't seem whole anymore and we don't know how to reconnect with each other witho... (2:47)

I just found out I have a serious and progressive disease. My two kids are adolescents. Should I tell them I may not live through their early adulthoo... (1:57)

Our son is speech-delayed and getting early intervention services. From time to time somebody will ask me if he's slow or autistic. How can I respond?... (1:39)

Our eighteen year old daughter is starting to date. How can we help her know what a healthy dating prospect looks like? Can we help with this process... (2:59)

My son is reaching for the stars. He is sixteen and very creative and bright, and has ADD. He has his heart set on a very exclusive career, where the... (4:19)

We had two sons. One of them died in a skiing accident two years ago. Our younger son really struggled with the loss of his only sibling. I am afraid ... (4:15)

I'm looking forward to the empty nest. My friends are all distressed at the thought of their children flying the coop. Is something wrong with me that... (2:17)

My 9 year old daughter wants to ride her bike the 3 blocks to school each day. The route is a curvy road which people often drive way to fast on. She ... (3:02)

Our three-year old simply will not sleep. She gets up in the middle of the night and fixes a snack and turns on the TV. If we try to put her back to b... (4:15)

How do I you teach my 6 1/2 year old to express his frustration/anger in a healthy way? He tends to "lash out" (hit, push etc) when he is angry. By th... (4:38)

Recently my eight year old hit his head and was crying. When I tried to console him he stomped on my toes on purpose. I don't understand why he gets ... (3:06)

How do you handle a 6 year old only child who is VERY social and always wants a friend or parent to play with? I understand it is important to learn t... (4:19)

My father can't accept love from anyone, not even his grown children. I just found out that he has broken his hip but won't accept visitors, flowers o... (3:19)

I'm worried about my adult son. He talks a lot about longing to be with Jesus someday. Is this ever a warning sign or just religious talk? (1:53)

Is it better to be completely honest with your children about the mistakes you made when you were younger or leave them unsaid? My husband feels our c... (2:46)

Do kids ever grow out of sibling rivalry? Is there hope for my grown children? (3:01)

I can't stand it when my teenager apologizes by saying Well I'm SORRY in a way that makes it obvious that she's being sarcastic. It seems like the... (3:45)

My son is in college and lives at home. His room is disgusting I mean really disgusting. My husband wants to make an ultimatum. I say he's a good ki... (3:50)

My seventeen year old son has started driving and I'm worried all the time. I can't relax, I listen for the car and I can't concentrate until he's hom... (2:51)

My ex-wife has been treated in the past for emotional and psychiatric issues. I don't know what her status is now, but she lives alone and would like ... (2:44)

My daughter is so bossy with her little brother. I've noticed lately that he seems to depend on her to keep him organized, speak for him etc. He's ex... (2:01)

My husband had a daughter out of wedlock eight years ago, before we met. She was raised by her mother until a few months ago, when she came to live wi... (3:38)

My grown son suffers from acute anxiety and depression and probably always will. He seems drawn to girls that have a similar make-up. Wouldn't be bet... (4:04)

How do I explain homosexuality to my children? I don't know if it's behavioral or biological. I have gay friends but I don't want to communicate out-a... (3:03)

My son is a three-year old handful. We know he can get out of hand but we don't like it when his teacher punishes him without our approval. How should... (2:25)

My 16 year old son is into heavy metal music and I cannot stand it. I asked him to please not play in my house and he says that I being unreasonable. ... (2:25)

My step-father is irritable and controlling, but my mother tolerates his abusive ways. My children are freaked out by him. What can I say to my child... (1:38)

How can I help my 15 year old daughter have a more positive outlook on life? Everything is boring and stupid and whatever I say seems to irritate h... (2:30)

My 9 year old daughter suffers from OCD, depression, and anxiety. She is seeing a counselor, is on medication, and starting to make a little progress.... (2:17)

My daughter is about to go into her senior year of high school. She's had a rough time because we've moved a few times recently because of my work. We... (1:52)

My stepson is belligerent and lazy. He is eighteen and lives with us. I want to like him but it's almost impossible because he doesn't care who likes... (2:34)

It's time for our annual family vacation. My nineteen year old wants to stay home. I don't know which is more important our traditional family time... (2:17)

We have a 15-year old daughter who is a great kid. She's never given us any trouble and she's a straight-A student. The issue is, she wants to dye her... (2:37)

I have a question. In the process of "tolerating and enduring our child's hatred of our boundaries... what is the best approach to the PROTEST of ou... (2:57)

We have a soon-to-be 18 yr old child that has refused to attend school or hold a job. He has been evaluated repeatedly and is free of drugs. We are at... (2:38)

Like a lot of our friends, our 20-something son moved back home while he "figures out what he wants to do". We love having him here so its not an issu... (2:30)

Help! My just turned 3 yr old son has zero interest in potty training. We've purchased all the big boy gear and he's had limited success but now w... (1:05)

I made a lot of mistakes raising my kids. I am a changed person now and have apologized to my kids. I'm having a hard time forgiving myself and carry ... (3:21)

I caught my son in a compromising situation with his young girlfriend - he is 15 and so is she. I want to ban her and punish him, but want to make su... (3:51)

How do I go about establishing a manageable family schedule? (4:21)

I feel like my mother depends on me for her happiness. She doesn't have a life apart from me, but I am too old to be parented (I'm 33). How can I gent... (4:14)

When I am with my son (age 30) I feel like I'm in the vicinity of a black hole. He is totally dishonest and always keeping up an image. He never fin... (3:22)

What is the best response to give my 13 year old son when he acts and speaks disrespectfully to me? (4:01)

I don't know how to deal with my adult daughter. She is a very controlling and "needy' person. Things have to be done her way and she always needs mo... (2:15)

I notice some women seem to compete socially with their daughters. What is this about? (4:41)

My son doesn't stick with anything. He has transferred colleges 3 times and never kept a job for an entire year without getting bored and switching jo... (4:59)

When I was little I was spanked when I was naughty, but now I feel like spanking is child abuse. What have you found is the most effective form of di... (5:38)

My daughter is spending a lot of time with her boyfriend. They are seniors in high school, getting good grades, and both seem responsible, for teens.... (2:54)

My son has been arrested. How do I show my face at church and keep from killing him? (4:26)

What do you say to a child after they have suddenly lost a pet that was hit by a car? (3:47)

Is there such a thing as over-praising a child's accomplishment? (2:42)

How many extra curricular activities is too much for my high-schooler? (2:46)

My son is constantly listening to gangsta' rap. He seems infatuated with the so called "gangsta' lifestyle. It creeps me out. Any suggestions? (2:55)

How do I get my teenager to get out and do more socially? She gets invited to do things but she is just a homebody. I think she will regret this later... (4:20)

How as a parent do you realize that you are pushing your children too hard as opposed to encouraging your children to do things? (3:57)

I'm a divorced mother of two daughters, ages 10 and 13. I've been divorced for 5 years and haven't even thought about dating yet. They don't want to t... (3:21)

How do you feel about working moms? (3:28)

Our 22 yr old daughter opened up several charge accounts and was in debt over $7,000. We had no idea and just found out last month that this had been ... (2:42)

My 19 year old daughter just moved out of the house. Her living arrangements will be ideal, so there is no issue with that. While we didn't think this... (2:21)

Our daughter is about to begin her senior year in high school. She has more and more activities all the time. I want to give her space but our time wi... (2:59)

Our son is 9 years old and needs to be informed of what to expect in puberty, etc... After 3 girls, we need advice and suggested resources in sharing ... (2:20)

My daughter's boyfriend asked our permission to ask our daughter to marry him. We said no because our daughter is leaving for her first year of colleg... (3:39)

What do you think about home-schooling? Is it good for children or are they not learning socialization skills they'll need later on? (1:25)

How can I get my teenagers to understand the long-term effects of their actions and decisions now? My teenagers are so focused on TODAY its like talki... (3:55)

What do I do if I don't want to buy something my teen wants? (2:43)

My son is 15 and smokes. He had asthma when he was as a child. He is not allowed to smoke at home but away from home, I can't stop him. Talking with ... (2:12)

As the parent of 3 teenagers, I am discouraged how devious and secretive my teenagers are. They tell me that if I wasn't in their business they wouldn... (3:33)

I was raised "Christian" but now consider myself "Wicca." My parents are not happy. I'm still in school and they think they should have some say in w... (5:41)

Every year, my 15 year old daughter figures out how to get on the good side of her teachers. She works hard and makes good grades but she also makes a... (2:59)

My ex-spouse's lifestyle choices were a contributing factor to our divorce. What should I say to my children as they are seeing these differences now ... (2:26)

My granddaughter is 3 yrs old. For about a year she had been stealing food. She will get up at night and take food to bed with her. Is this a control ... (3:24)

We have an 8 year old foster son who has had a terrible life and has lived with a huge amount of loss. He has lived with us for two years now and resp... (3:23)

I am a single mother of 3 boys. I work full time and have gone back to school in order to provide a more secure future for us. I am blessed with a gre... (1:50)

My ex-husband is subtly turning my kids against me and my rules, teaching them rebellion and defiance. How do I enforce good boundaries with my two so... (2:12)

My 16 yr old son would like to spend the night with his 22 yr old brother and girlfriend. As parents, we do not approve of the living situation but al... (1:59)

My wife and I have realized there are many areas in which we have failed to set boundaries with our 17 year old son. We are overwhelmed. We don't know... (3:53)

How do you help a teenager who continues to choose to date girls with low self esteem? (4:12)

How do you help a 21 year old boy or girl increase their own self esteem? (4:26)

At what age do children develop a conscience? When should we worry if our child shows no remorse or guilt? (3:56)

My 10 yr old son's classmate is stealing. What should I do? (2:23)

I am divorced. When my teenage daughter is staying with her dad, my ex-husband lets her boyfriend sleep over. I am furious. What can I do? (4:19)

My son married young against our wishes. My husband now won't offer his support to them. He says he is setting boundaries, I say he is being cruel and... (2:56)

Is spanking the right way to discipline children? (1:28)

How do you help a child who is bullied by his peers? (1:29)

I know a couple who fights in front of their children. How can I help them see the damage they are doing? (2:57)

My son is gay. Should I try to make him change or accept him as he is? (2:54)

How can I remain a presence in the lives of long distance children and grandchildren? (2:15)

My teenage daughter has started to rebel by drinking and partying and is starting to hang out with friends who do the same. What should I do? (3:43)

How do I deal with my kids after a divorce to help them connect with me on a deeper level? (2:36)

I am about to marry a person who has children. How do I approach being a step-parent? (2:01)

My spouse is more interested in being our kids' friends than being a parent. Is this a problem? (2:28)

Our daughter is sleeping with her boyfriend. One of us is upset by this and one of us thinks it's better than her having multiple partners. How can we... (2:45)

When a married couple is on different spectrums in their parenting ideas, how do you compromise or establish values that are agreed upon? (3:18)

What suggestions do you have for someone marrying into a blended family? (2:35)

How do you have balance with two parents and three children where one child is autistic? (2:02)

Are there benchmarks to know when a college-aged kid is ready for full independence? My child seems like a fourth grader sometimes, but wants full ema... (2:21)

Sometimes what feels like love to one of my children is lost on another one. How do you make each child feel loved in their own way? There is only one... (2:49)

My therapist talks about the need for a good internalized structure. What does that mean? (4:36)

How do you teach your kids to not be swayed by peer pressure? (3:36)

Our son recently got married to a lovely girl. They got advice on "leaving and cleaving," but we feel like they've deserted our family. We are not per... (2:27)

My college-age son has no interest in attending church. What can I do to get him involved? (2:52)

My 25 year-old daughter is bipolar. She is on medication and has a counselor, but I still worry about her so much. I feel like my life is so intertwin... (3:00)

My wife puts so much energy into home schooling that she has none left for me. We are both committed to home schooling, but I still need a wife. What ... (1:33)

My husband is not a strong disciplinarian and always comes out looking like the good guy with the children. How can I change the situation? (4:57)

My teenager wants to get a tattoo, but I do not think it is a good idea. How should I handle the situation? (2:07)

If a child is being bullied how do you teach them to defend themselves? At what point should a parent step in? (3:32)

What are your thoughts about gender-specific preferences, for example boys like trucks and girls like dolls? Is this environmental or biological? Shou... (2:27)

My teenager seems to be depressed lately and I'm concerned. As a child he was so happy-go-lucky, but now he seems depressed a lot. When I try to talk ... (3:30)

My wife and I are separated and close to getting a divorce. We have a 4 year old son and it is destroying him. I want to save the marriage for him, bu... (4:29)

How can I be a good father to my growing daughter? What tools do I need? (2:58)

How do you go about choosing a counselor for your child? The stakes seem so high! (3:04)

How do I talk to my young children about their alcoholic grandfather? I want them to love him but I want them to understand that he's not okay. (2:43)

My eleven year old daughter is concerned about her weight already. How do I help her with her self image? (2:38)

I told my kids a long time ago that if I ever caught them with drugs I would personally call the police, have them arrested, and help them through the... (3:41)

When I cleaned my teenager's room I found marijuana. How should I confront them now that I know they are on drugs? (3:11)

Is it okay to search my teenager's room, monitor their email and so on without their knowledge? I want to stay aware of what they are involved with be... (2:57)

My teenage kids have web pages on My Space. I've heard too much about online predators and I insisted that they shut down their web pages. They think ... (1:49)

I don't like my twelve-year-old daughter's friends. I find them stuck up and gossipy. I told her what I thought, but she got very angry and stuck up f... (3:08)

I don't trust the available technologies for protecting kids from pornography. How do you put in guidelines without sitting there and watching every s... (2:31)

I'm a divorced, single parent with a 16 year old daughter. I've tried to set standards for her dating, but if she disagrees she points out I am divorc... (1:57)

How do we set dating standards according our family values, and not the values of what my son learns at school or in popular culture? It's a pretty wi... (3:50)

My nine year old daughter has wild mood swings. She is bubbly and hyper one minute and angry and crying the next. She also seems to always feel sick t... (3:00)

My ten year old daughter has become obsessively worried about germs. She washes her hands constantly and does not like to touch things in public place... (2:22)

My children hate going to church. We don't have a children's church program so they have to sit through the regular adult service. We have tried to ge... (1:18)

I know of a young teenager whose father ran off with her mother's best friend. She is having a really tough time because now she hates her father and ... (2:04)

I have 3 children 10, 15 and 17. They all hate each other and the 2 older ones have physically hurt one another. My husband is not home very much so I... (2:28)

My 16 yr daughter is pregnant. I am so angry at her for ruining her life, but I know now is when she needs me most. How can I help her when I'm so fur... (1:34)

If a mom is going to work outside the home, is there a better time in the life of the child for this to happen? (1:32)

When parents have different discipline techniques, how do you resolve that? (1:49)

With many couples living away from their nuclear families, what are the support systems we can look for? (2:02)

What is a good age for a daughter/son to start dating? (2:12)

What are the basic rules parents should have and enforce when their children reach dating age? (1:53)

Should dating rules be the same for a son and a daughter? (1:54)

If parents like the datee, how do they keep from putting too much pressure on their child if the child doesn't like the person as much as the parent... (1:53)

I just found out my thirteen year old daughter is cutting herself and I'm completely freaked out. How do I handle it? What causes girls to do this? (2:11)

My eighteen year old, introverted daughter was an Ugly Duckling and is now a knock-out swan. The problem is that she is extremely uncomfortable with t... (2:44)

Do you think birth-order has a lot to do with our emotional development? Does knowing someone's birth-order give you insight into anything? (1:18)

I really hate Christmas. I'm too tired, stressed and broke to do it again. My children are 18 and 15. The older one doesn't mind one way or the other,... (1:45)

How do I deal with a teenager who usually makes the right choice, is very bright and is well grounded in the Bible, and yet this child feels an intens... (2:16)

Is there a point when you have done enough as a parent? When you have spent enough money, intervened enough, yelled enough? When is enough, enough? (1:57)

My son has a severe form of inattentive ADD. He isn't noticeably hyper, but he's off visiting Mars much of the time. He takes medication, and it helps... (2:13)

My two year old throws really big tantrums. I'm pregnant and exhausted and tend to give him what he wants when I can't take it anymore. I don't have t... (1:55)

My son is in process of getting divorce. I oppose divorce, he knows it, and I tried to counsel him. However, it's all being finalized this month. I a... (1:32)

Do you think that so many children get socialized so early in a daycare setting that I should send my daughter to daycare just so she doesn't start ki... (1:09)

I think my teenage daughter is bulimic. I ask her if she's okay and she says yes, but I sense something's going on. How can I know if she is bulimic? (2:42)

I hear anorexia is about control. I want my daughters to eat but I am afraid of making food a power struggle. Knowing that growing up is a series of l... (1:42)

I have heard the saying that parents have to move from a role of parenting to a role of consulting. I've reached that point with my eighteen year old ... (2:35)

My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD many years ago. We explored all the non-medication routes but nothing worked for her. It turned out that she was a... (1:52)

I am an exhausted single parent. I work 14-16 hours a day and on weekends, and I'm starting to have trouble keeping everything afloat practically, fin... (1:59)

My 21 year old daughter is depressed, overweight and talking about quitting college to live at home and take correspondence courses. She quit taking h... (2:04)

I am a single woman in my late thirties. I would like to be a mother but I am not married and don't have a boyfriend. My friends are split on whether ... (1:37)

My daughter is in her early twenties and lives a very small, controlled life. I have learned a lot over the years, particularly to paint life in broad... (2:53)

When and how do I tell my young children about sex? (1:26)

How can I help my son develop a healthy self-image? He's very awkward. (2:31)

What are the most common mistakes parents make with disciplining their children? (2:50)

How do you discipline teenagers? Everything I try either creates big drama or out-and-out defiance. (2:41)

Are some people just destined to be criminals? What causes a child from a perfectly good home to turn out badly? (2:53)

I grew up in an all-male household and now I have three daughters. How can I be a good father to my daughters? What do they really need from me? (2:55)

How should I discipline my child when she misbehaves in public? (1:36)

How much should an elementary-school aged child be expected to help with housework and yard work? My kids act like I'm asking them to run a small plan... (1:38)

I have an eight-year old child who is a compulsive liar. I can't even have a normal conversation with her because everything is suspect. I have no ide... (2:05)

How do I determine the difference between the non-negotiable and negotiable when dealing with my three teenagers? I can't die on every hill, but I don... (1:46)

What can parents do to reconnect with their teenage children? It seems I don't know my own kids anymore! (1:39)

How do you teach self-discipline to a teenager? Some kids seem to have it built in, while others never seem to get it! (1:52)

Practically speaking, how do you financially separate from your kids? What should our goal be now that our children are almost through with college? (2:03)

I'm a single mom with an adolescent son. I want him to have appropriate male role models but I don't want to involve him in some revolving dating door... (1:51)

We want to adopt a child but are afraid that the biological parents could have serious issues that the child inherits. We're not asking for perfection... (1:26)

Is there any value in forcing a teenager to go to therapy? My son is exhibiting behavior that is beyond my ability to help him with (rebellion, anger,... (1:02)

Our son is autistic. he's reached puberty and is physically too much to handle. My wife won't consider putting him in a residential facility under any... (1:34)

Our 13-year-old son spends a lot of time in his room with the door closed. I think he may be masturbating and it freaks me out. What should I do? (2:35)

My teenage son seems effeminate to me. Even as a child, he never wanted to do typical boy things. I'm worried about his sexuality. What should I ... (1:43)

At what age should teenagers get a job to earn their own spending money? (2:02)

We have never been close to my husband's parents because they smoke constantly and we don't enjoy being around it. Now that they are getting older, my... (1:41)

I have a 15 year old daughter who is starting to chat with strangers online. It really bothers me; can you give me some suggestions? (2:01)

I took my 15-year old daughter to the doctor and the doctor mentioned the new immunization for HPV. I feel like it's telling her that it's OK to have ... (2:07)

We need some advice. We have a 7 year old daughter who is more than a typical challenge. She is stealing money from my purse, lying about it, yelling ... (2:14)

My son is developing some behaviors that are concerning me. He is a germ freak and must have everyone wash their hands before touching anything of his... (1:53)

My daughter is pregnant and I am trying to support her as much as possible. My husband is not being supportive and is not communicating with her. My ... (1:39)

What are some of the signs that a young adult (late teens) is mature enough to leave home and be independent? (2:15)

How can I get my kids to help out more around the home with chores? (2:52)

How can parents respond to college-age children who are questioning their Christian faith and living contrary to biblical principles? What approach is... (2:43)

My daughter is in a relationship with a man who has had two wives already. She is going to move in with this man in August. She will not listen to me ... (2:41)

We have a teenage daughter, who just turned 17. She has sex with boyfriend. What kind of plan should be instituted with the hopes of this not happenin... (2:27)

What is your opinion about putting a television in a 10 year old child's room? This concerns me but my spouse doesn't seem to think it is a problem so... (2:01)

I am struggling with custody/visitation issues. My new spouse and I want to move a few hours away. My former spouse is erecting barriers. Do you have ... (2:56)

How can I show my parents I'm trustworthy and that I've grown up? I'm nineteen and made some mistakes in the past, but I have changed a lot in the eig... (1:51)

My 3-yr old grandson does not do anything that he does not want to do. I know this is perfectly normal and fortunately he is adorable in every other w... (1:49)

What are some good ways to help your child cope with life when they begin to find out that life is not always fair? (3:36)

I have a grown son that is extremely rebellious and disrespectful towards me and I have had to bar him from my house because he steals from me. He bla... (2:04)

My 13-yr old daughter has a new boyfriend her age. She is writing sexual things in her diary (yes, I looked at it). We've discussed remaining pure but... (1:59)

My 15 year old daughter is very determined to break all our rules. We're exhausted from trying to stay one step ahead of her. How do we show her we're... (2:24)

We just found out our 14-yr old son has been shoplifting. If we turn him in to the police, I believe it would be a felony because of the cost of items... (1:37)

My daughter has a friend who she really likes, but this friend wants to do EVERYTHING my daughter does. How do you deal with this without hurting the ... (1:40)

My husband and I have different discipline styles. I am more strict and will punish further for attitude as well as breaking the rules. Do you think i... (1:34)

We would like to move to a less-expensive region of the country but have a child in grade school, middle school and high school. Is there an age that ... (1:19)

Is birth order really important in dealing with our children's personalities. (1:15)

My younger of two boys, a preteen, has anger issues. How can I help him to articulate his feeling through words and not acting out rashly? (2:01)

How, as a mom, to address my son's feeling that he doesn't have a role model in his father? (1:44)

I know it's not right but sometimes when my kids do something wrong, I get REALLY upset. I never hit them but I scream myself hoarse. I do it with my ... (1:07)

Do you have an opinion whether graduating high school students should take time off from school if they don't know what they want to study? I'm afraid... (1:50)

As the busy mom of three, how do I manage my time to be more effective? I seem to be running around like a mad woman without getting anything done. (2:02)

What is the best way to help my 13 year old daughter face the difficulties with other teenage girls? The girls are so nasty toward each other and my s... (2:25)

I feel like my 13 year old daughter dresses too racy, but when I confront her about the tank tops and shorts she wears her answer is "Mom, do you want... (1:41)

My preteen steals money from family members. The money is used to go out with her girlfriends. She seems to struggle socially and is afraid to be "lef... (1:19)

I am a stay at home mom with a 1 yr old and a 2 1/2 yr old. The 2 1/2 yr. old girl has a huge fear of abandonment. She cries non-stop when I leave her... (1:44)

I need suggestions for good consequences for an eleven year old girl. I don't know what to take away. She doesn't really enjoy TV. phone, etc. and use... (1:54)

I am a father, newly-divorced from his wife of 23 years, I have 3 kids; 20, 17 and 12 years of age. It was bad enough raising my teenage kids with my ... (1:28)

We have a 27 yr. old son who suffers from severe depression. He lives on his own but has trouble keeping a job so we often end up paying his bills. He... (2:10)

I have an overweight teenage daughter, who doesn't seem concerned about losing weight. What can I do besides scream and yell? (1:55)

I have a 16-yr old son with mental health problems. He hears voices telling him to do things. He is on two medications but is not compliant at taking ... (2:17)

I think I might be about a month pregnant. I need to know what I can do to end this pregnancy without anyone finding out? (1:52)

My daughter is 19 and she lives at home. She goes to school full time and works full time. Our problem is her room and car is buried in filth. She has... (1:29)

I've been trying to get pregnant for 8 months but am not yet. I am pretty down about it. Can you help? (1:50)

How do we pass on a Godly heritage to our children? (2:30)

How do you potty train a nearly 3 year old boy who is completely disinterested? (2:57)

How do you get a 10 months old to sleep through the night? (2:04)

My 4 1/2 year-old son hurt one of his fingers. The nail has re-grown but there is a permanent black stripe on it. He told me that he didn't want other... (1:35)

Our grown son experienced an unwanted divorce, then remarried quickly (against our advice) and had a baby daughter. He suddenly announced he doesn't l... (2:16)

What does the Bible mean when it says not to drive your children to wrath? (2:16)

My daughter age 32, holds us, her mother and father accountable for everything we have done in our past. We divorced and have both moved on and are h... (2:44)

My 13-year-old son has a tendency to lie. As a consequence I took away two months allowance and a 2-day school trip which is the final trip of his ele... (1:44)

My 24-yr old daughter is in a multi-year dating relationship with someone who I believe is taking advantage of her financially and sexually. Several ... (2:39)

My 18-year-old son got involved in skydiving. He fractured his neck in football and broke his pelvis snowboarding. I have expressed my fear and concer... (1:37)

How do you talk to your 9 yr old son about masturbation? Is it a healthy part of life? Help!!! (2:36)

My daughter married a man against our wishes. We don't like him because in the past he admitted to having impure thoughts about her. Are we right to n... (1:03)

How can I help my stepchildren establish boundaries with their unstable father? (3:02)

We have just discovered our 15 yr old son was looking at internet pornography. Do you have any practical suggestions on how to help him curb the urge ... (3:20)

I'm a single, divorced mother of 4 children. My ex-husbands are not paying their court-ordered child support. Some months I barely make the rent. My p... (2:11)

I was a foster parent for 18 years. Now this child has turned away from me and wants to live with her biological mother. I am extremely hurt. What can... (2:31)

My husband relentlessly teases our children (grabbing, tickling, remarks). They ask him to stop and he ignores them. It becomes very upsetting for th... (1:58)

A mother of a classmate of my daughter wants to arrange a play date for our daughters. I don't like this other girl's behavior and I don't want my dau... (1:58)

I often argue with my husband in front of the children. I am trying to stop. How will this affect my kids in the long term? (2:04)

How do you get a 2 year old to stay in time-out? I feel that if I sit with her she is getting rewarded with one-on-one attention but if I walk away, ... (1:22)

Is it normal for a usually quiet, laid back 2 year old to become destructive during a tantrum? Our daughter will hit, throw objects, clear a table, b... (1:25)

How do I tell or stop my son (17) from dating a non-Christian? This is his first dating experience. (1:16)

We are a Christian family and my son sometimes uses bad language and is disrespectful. What should we do? (1:29)

My son is a freshmen in college three hours away from home. He is a good kid, and he comes home every weekend (because of his girlfriend) but has dec... (1:49)

Our 6 yr old daughter started pulling out her eyebrows and eye lashes in August when she realized first grade was on the horizon. We talked to her ab... (2:00)

My daughter is being harassed at school by a girl bully, who is jealous of her boyfriend. My daughter has gone to a V.P. of the school several times,... (1:38)

My 18 yr old son has consistently lied to me. How do we begin to gain trust again? (1:48)

Our 16 yr old daughter is very passive when it comes to relationships. Any suggestions? Is it appropriate at this age to make specific requests compl... (2:48)

My 16 yrs. old son was caught checking out web sites dealing with specific sexual information. The sites were not visually pornographic but were very... (2:12)

While talking about homosexuality, my 17 yr old son was told by his boss that the boss is gay and encouraged my son to try it himself before forming a... (1:10)

My son finds it hard to abide by our curfew boundaries. We are not able to reach him as his phone is turned off almost every time. He is 17 and has be... (1:48)