What Do You Mean “Boundaries”? by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

The parents of a twenty-five-year-old man came to see me (Dr. Townsend) with a common request: they wanted me to “fix” their son, Bill. When I asked where Bill was, they answered, “Oh, he didn’t want to come.” “Why?” I asked. “Well, he doesn’t think he has a problem,” they replied. “Maybe he’s right,” I […]

Your Next Hard Thing by Dr. John Townsend

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You have never received a winner’s trophy before playing in the championship game. You have never been offered a promotion before you excelled in your job. Your parents never instructed you to make sure you ate your dessert first and not worry about the vegetables, since they would take care of themselves. Why did none […]

Marriage Conflicts and Teens by Dr. John Townsend

Teens, by definition, are going through a season of chaos, developmentally, neurologically, emotionally and socially. And when an adolescent’s family struggles as well, it can add chaos to chaos. Not good for anyone. Marriages can be hard: alienation, unending arguments, power struggles, narcissism, addictions, infidelity and even violence. These problems can keep parents from having […]

“No.” Is A Complete Sentence: How to Use & Stick to It by Dr. Henry Cloud

Psychologists spend an enormous amount of energy building psychological tests, assessments and the like, and then administering them to people to help them understand themselves. This practice is very helpful in many settings, from work, to education, to couples and individuals. Insight into ourselves and others is really helpful for a number of reasons. I […]

Get Help If There Has Been Early Trouble by Dr. John Townsend

Studies show that seriously negative events between the ages of 2 and 4 (divorce, death of a parent, health issues, bankruptcy, etc.) can have a profound impact on a child, often affecting his or her personality during the teen years. The events may have occurred years ago, but they need to be investigated and, when […]

10 Things Successful People Never Do Again by Dr. Henry Cloud

We all make mistakes but the people who thrive from their mistakes are the successful ones. “Never go back.” What does that mean? From observations of successful people, clinical psychologist and author of Never Go Back: 10 Things You’ll Never Do Again (Howard Books, June 2014), Dr. Henry Cloud has discovered certain “awakenings” that people […]

January 10, 2015 Dr. John Townsend – Daniel Plan Rally

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Dr. John Townsend will be presenter at the Daniel Plan Rally at Saddleback Church. This event will also be available by simulcast. Click here to find out more about the simulcast Daniel Plan Rally Event – Reboot & Recharge in 2015! Saturday, January 10, 2015 9:00am – 1:00pm Saddleback Church Lake Forest Worship Center Join […]

September 21 – 24, 2014 – Dr. Cloud speaks at the FCCI Conference Ameilia Island, FL

FCCI’s 35th Annual International Business Leaders Conference convenes hundreds of leaders from dozens of nations for four days and nights of walking with world changers Dr. Cloud Speaks on September 23. For more information Click Here

October 11 – Dr. Townsend Del Ray, Florida

Presented by SUPPORTIVE HEALTHCARE Join your peers in honoring leaders in the Recovery Field 6:00pm At the Crest Theatre Delray Beach Featuring: John Townsend, Clinical Director of the American Association of Christian Counselors Jeff Allen, Comedian Josh Bramos, National Recording Artist Carl ‘The Foss” Foster, 850 AM WFTL Radio To order tickets

October 19 – 24, 2014 Empower Now!

For more information, please visit the Empower Now page or call us at 800.676.4673