What do I do when the family of the person I'm dating doesn't like me? (1:44)

How do I forgive someone if I am still hurt by them? (1:32)

My sister at age 46 is continually jockeying for position in the family. She creates conflict that plays one person against another. What I want to do... (2:00)

How do you approach a man who drinks heavily and encourage him to slow down? (1:17)

The holidays are here and they can be joyful and wonderful times but often the reality falls short of the fantasy of what we imagine the holidays shou... (6:49)

How do I love my enemies? What does that really mean? (1:46)

When trust is devastated, how do you go about rebuilding it? (1:40)

What are some of the biggest obstacles to a healthy relationship in today's fast paced culture? (3:44)

Why are boundaries important? (4:01)

Aren't boundaries selfish? (3:20)

I like to help others but sometimes I feel like I am being used. I have a hard time saying "no" when someone asks me to help them. What should I do? (3:26)

I have a friend who wants to "just be friends" but it seems like more to me, how can I know for sure? (2:04)

My boyfriend and I broke up about 6 months ago, I am still in a lot of pain and cry a lot. I think, "Am I right, or is something wrong with me?" (3:36)

I have lived out of the house for a while now, away from my parents. I am 30 years old, but I still find what they think has too much weight with me. ... (5:09)

How do I comfort someone who is grieving? (4:20)

What are the stages of grief? (5:35)

What are the symptoms of repressed grief? (4:53)

How do I help people find a firm footing in a world that is so unstable? (5:29)

What is taboo when counseling? What things should I not say? (3:46)

How do you deal with someone who thinks they're always right? (5:04)

My mom responds to everything with angry emotions. It's as if she thinks I'm trying to attack her at every turn. I walk on eggshells and I'm careful t... (5:06)

I am going to legally fight for custody of my granddaughter as my daughter is not a fit parent. Please give me some biblical encouragement to help me... (3:49)

My parents are talking about getting a divorce after 30 years of marriage. I think they are just tired of dealing with each other. Should I get involv... (3:19)

I grew up in a verbally abusive and alcoholic home. I now have children and my parents want to spend time with them and even baby-sit. I don't want th... (2:52)

How do you respond to someone that is apologizing to you for something they felt/did, and you were unaware of the feelings/actions? (1:43)

Should members of a church small group all attend the church? (1:35)

If people leave the church because of differences with the pastor or the direction the church is going in, should they also leave the small group? If... (1:31)

When someone has been grieving for a long time (over a year), and can't seem to move on, and they have totally exhausted you and everyone else around ... (2:29)

My mother-in-law clearly favors one of my children over the other, although she denies this. How can I help change the situation if she won't admit i... (1:55)

There is a family where I go to church they have 10 children. The mother is a house wife and the father has 2 part time jobs. No insurance, poor livin... (1:44)

One of my brother-in-laws just got married and he always bad mouths his wife and talks so low about her. It really bothers me and he brags about how h... (2:47)

I think I'm a rescuer. Why do I feel like I have to help everyone out of whatever hole they dug for themselves? Why can't I leave them there? (2:48)

My friend just lost her child, I always heard there are no words to say at a time like that, but....what are the words? (2:37)

My husband rarely is in contact with his mom and siblings. They live in another state, and the only time he talks with them is when they call and I ha... (1:42)

My 35 year old daughter, who happens to live next door, still blames all of her quirks, shortcomings and problems on me. I have talked with her, writt... (1:17)

My step father recently lost his job because he is a drug user. My mother is in denial and continues to let him manipulate her into giving him money a... (1:19)

My parents are very elderly and I know that our time together is getting shorter. I can't even think about it. Is there a way to prepare psychologic... (5:16)

My father is an extremely meticulous and material-minded businessman. I'm in the ministry and kind of a disappointment to him even though my career, b... (8:15)

It's family reunion time. Everyone is staying at a nice hotel, where the reunion will be held, but my mother wants me to stay at her house and do some... (5:57)

Could you talk a little about being unequally yoked? I am finding it isn't as simple a concept as Christian vs. atheist. What are the ways we can find... (5:03)

How can I know if I'm a rescuer and what can I do if I am one? (3:13)

This sounds unbelievable but our neighbor, a grown man, got tired of the neighborhood kids playing kickball in OUR yard and he came out, took the ball... (2:16)

There is a woman in my town that I avoid because she comes over all the time, won't leave once she arrives, and is negative and bitter about everythin... (2:01)

I know we all strive to balance work and family, but practically speaking, what kind of time-off guidelines do you think is ideal; daily, weekly and v... (4:55)

I know of a number of old secrets in my family. I feel like I should get it out in the open and make everyone come to terms with the awful stuff from... (4:21)

My friends have been married for decades but have no problem having drag-down-knock-out arguments in front of me. I find myself pretending to laugh, t... (2:31)

Why am I afraid of all confrontation and discord? How can I learn to be more comfortable with disagreeing and asserting my thoughts when they go count... (3:14)

I work in a company where people are very supportive to each other. The problem is that they support and cover for each other in ways that keeps manag... (3:32)

Our dad is a pastor and we all go to church together. I know that he is not respected by a couple of people who are on the church board, and this has ... (2:18)

My friend is being treated for cancer and I can't deal with any of it. I hate myself for feeling like this. What's wrong with me? (3:20)

I work really long hours and only have two weeks off each year. I try to spend it with my two children and keep things small and private. I feel guilt... (1:59)

Would God ever approve of divorcing a parent? I can not deal with my father anymore. (3:51)

My family thinks I have a problem with depression but I don't agree. How do I tell them to mind their own business? (3:12)

My brother apparently felt, and at forty seven still feels, that I got more love, attention, etc than he did. I can't remember, I don't see it, our pa... (2:48)

My friend and I are supportive and affirming in a way neither of us gets from our families. My problem is that I feel like I d be betraying the unspok... (2:48)

Can you talk about how ostensibly passive people can be controlling? My sister is always hurt or wounded or offended and somehow is always the one w... (2:03)

How long should a person show a pattern of improved behavior before I can know they have really changed? (4:12)

I'm fifteen and I have a friend who is eighteen. She says she doesn't do drugs anymore but I hear she does. Should I listen to the gossip? Since she... (1:30)

I'm in high school and know a girl who says she's okay but I feel like something's wrong. I can't say exactly what it's just a feeling. We don't know... (1:47)

My friend is very sensitive about anyone thinking she's less than perfect. She views people who seek counseling as weak and wouldn't ever go herself. ... (1:57)

I'm a junior in high school. How can I tell people about how great it is to be 'straight-edge (no drugs no sex no swearing etc) without seeming cree... (1:26)

My roommate is driving me crazy. She doesn't have the same sense of boundaries, cleanliness, manners, taste etc. The worst part is she's in heaven liv... (2:53)

My brother in law has no sense of humor. I mean NONE. When we get together, which is rare, it's so uncomfortable because we see the humor in just abou... (1:23)

How do I deal compassionately with a hypochondriac? My friend loves the drama of illness, but there's nothing really wrong most of the time. (4:46)

Everyone in my family has tons of money except me. On the other hand, I have had an amazing career in the arts without having amassed personal wealth.... (5:02)

How can I forgive an unrepentant person without giving them access to my life? They aren't safe but it doesn't feel like forgiveness to keep them out. (3:00)

My mother is getting older and has let herself go. It's not just her weight, but she isn't taking care of herself with basic grooming. I don't know ... (1:22)

My father was a workaholic all my life till HE retired. Now he wants a friend and companion (because he cultivated none during his earlier years) but ... (4:01)

My best friend was married to a great woman, but their marriage failed and he has since remarried. I stayed friends with his ex and the relationship i... (2:29)

My best friend never stops talking about her kids and how wonderful they are. When I bring up my kids she tells me I am raising them all wrong. I do n... (3:34)

My parents just retired to another state. I'm 32 and feel completely abandoned. Should I uproot and follow them? I have never been away from them and ... (1:38)

I'm in my late forties and showing some signs of age like everyone else. My mother thinks I should have some plastic surgery, but I couldn't care less... (2:48)

How can a grandmother help her granddaughter not to be such a high achiever? She can't relax and spends her time studying instead of and having fun wi... (3:56)

Related to boundaries -- what's the difference between a boundary and a defense mechanism? I hear about "armor" and I don't want to be self-righteous... (3:16)

My fella in our 24 year committed relationship has found someone new. He promises he is not in a physical relationship with her. He has not moved ... (4:35)

How do I deal with elderly parents who are controlling? (4:16)

I recently broke up with someone because I think he has a gambling addiction. He tells me it's not a big deal but he has been seeing a therapist and ... (2:48)

When I'm in social situations I find that I have to approach other people, they don't approach me. But when I approach other people they seem to enjoy... (3:28)

I'm 40yrs old, divorced for 5yrs, no kids. I have great relationships and lots of friends. I have an active dating life and would like to get marrie... (4:16)

I think my roommate has an eating disorder, I never see her eat, she works out for about 2 hours a day and comes home and eats a bowl of cereal. She's... (2:28)

Recently I overheard a conversation between my roommate and a boy who I thought she was just "friends" with, they talked about how much they like each... (1:26)

I currently live in a condo building, and I work at home. My neighbors have an 18 month old son who wants to come over all the time. He knocks on my... (2:07)

I have a friend who talks incessantly. This makes me so stressed. She is a good friend otherwise. How can I stay friends with her and handle this p... (3:24)

When I want to get serious and commit myself to an exclusive relationship, I have panic attacks and need to back off, till I can relax again. What's w... (4:03)

I have heard you talk about core groups of friends. My question is: do the members of my own core group all have to live in the same city and know e... (2:56)

How can I know if I'm taking a need to the wrong relationship, and how do I determine which relationship would be the appropriate one? (3:25)

I blew up at a person in public while 2 others were present. While what I said was honest and true, I realize now that I should not have said these th... (4:11)

How do you deal with sibling disagreements over the care of an aging parent? (3:53)

I have a friend who is negative about everything under the sun. Any conversation we have turns negative. Any suggestions on how I can help her? (4:16)

I drive a school bus in an especially tough district. If I could instill just a little self-worth in one or two children I would consider that to be a... (2:41)

A friend who has personal experience with Alzheimer claims my boss is exhibiting signs of the illness. His behavior is indeed erratic and he is forget... (3:22)

What should you do if you try to set boundaries with a family member or friend and they refuse to acknowledge your feelings even after several attempt... (4:23)

I have a new Christian friend whose father just died. My friend had asked for prayer on several occasions for his father's salvation. To my knowledge,... (3:47)

We have been friends with another couple for about 6 years. We consider them close friends but we can't help but notice that any plans we make are at ... (2:51)

I am concerned with how young people approach the MySpace phenomenon. They reveal the most intimate information on it with no regard for how many peop... (2:40)

My child showed me some very damaging information on MySpace about my friend's child. What is my responsibility as a friend and fellow parent? Does it... (1:47)

Is it ever appropriate to use swear words? Some people don't seem to know how to put a sentence together without one, but then once in a rare while an... (1:42)

My mother-in-law will only listen to my husband. She is in very poor health and when she needs to go to the doctor or hospital, my husband is the only... (2:10)

My widowed mother-in-law is not a safe driver anymore but doesn't seem to realize it. What is the very kindest way to take away her car keys before so... (3:04)

One of my good friends is very sick but will not go to the doctor because she thinks the vitamins she is taking are going to heal her. She has been on... (1:40)

I am a Sunday School teacher and suspect some possible abuse or neglect of a child in my class. I could probably very easily let this child tell me mo... (2:56)

My parents have bailed my brother out jail for years and enabled his drug use. Then my father got involved in a very bad financial deal. Now they want... (2:49)

I am an only child of two alcoholic parents, and I am now fifty-seven. My mother is still alive and continues to be emotionally abusive. Would God wan... (4:04)

My boyfriend often tickles and wrestles with his 14 yr old niece. Is this type of behavior ok? My gut instinct says something is wrong, but he denies ... (2:17)

My father is cheating on my mother. She has no idea. I have solid evidence. Do I confront him myself or tell my mother? (1:24)

What can a parent in her early 80's do when one of her children very rarely communicates with her and tells her not to call him? (3:05)

My partner of almost 4 years talks about his ex-wife all the time. They parted 13 years ago. I asked him not to tell his ex-wife that my daughter atte... (3:35)

Is it wrong to spend every day or close to it with your safe friend? (2:21)

Why do I seem to attract selfish, unreliable, egotistical people? I don't want to change my personality but I do get frustrated. Can you help? (3:05)

How should I respond to a friend who is constantly offended when I disagree with her or offer an opinion that is not what she wanted to hear? (3:20)

I have a friend who apologizes excessively for things that didn't offend anyone or weren't her fault. It's really annoying. Why do people do this and ... (1:49)

I am raising my grandchildren. How can I find extra support and resources during this difficult time? (1:41)

I was recently on a trip with a group of women, 50 yrs. old and over. One person in the group suffers with anxiety issues, although the rest of us did... (2:01)

Our new daughter-in-law comes from a dysfunctional home and is beginning to contaminate our family. What would be the best way to address this without... (1:56)

How do we handle situations where we find ourselves related to or working with people who aren't what we would call safe? (2:32)

Some people believe that as Christians we ought to forgive and accept other people's behavior no matter how it affects us. Is that Biblical? (1:23)

What do you do when dealing with a button pusher and the person doesn't respond to what you ask for? (2:49)

How do you respond to a family member who repeatedly says hurtful things and then says, "I am only joking?" (2:39)

My girlfriend calls me on my cell phone at inconvenient times during the workday. I know she has been hurt many times and is sincere, but I can't keep... (3:06)

I am a people pleaser. Can you teach me to say "no"? (4:07)

I'm 50 and I find my life without value as I put so much importance on Youth and Beauty. As I diminish and disappear, I'm finding I have no other valu... (3:58)

How can I lovingly speak to my mother's attempts to manipulate? (4:10)

What are appropriate ways to express anger in a relationship? (3:21)

What do I do when someone I was once seeing won't let go of the relationship? What is the boundary between not being cruel and not giving mixed messag... (3:18)

Do you have any advice for empty nesters? (3:31)

Can married men and married women be close friends without it becoming trouble? (2:23)

How long does it take to heal from divorce? (2:33)

I came out of a dysfunctional and toxic family and I have problems with developing deep relationships with anyone. What can I do? (3:02)

How much does our upbringing really affect our adult life? (2:59)

I'm 40 years old and I recently found out I was born out of wedlock. I never met my real father. Do you think I should try to find him? (1:53)

I am 35 years old and most times when I visit my parents, I still feel like a child. They make me feel bad about myself by the things they say to me. ... (3:36)

I have a life long friend who is unresponsive to my efforts to confront her on ways she has offended me. Instead she minimizes my comments. How can I ... (3:38)

How do I not disconnect from relationships around me? (2:43)

I am a recovering sex addict and people in my accountability group look to me for help. I don't feel like I have anything to offer them. How do I know... (2:46)

How do I know I am being tempted to do something bad and not simply a choice I am making with my life? (3:14)

Could you elaborate on some of the "values" we automatically gravitate to which can ruin a relationship (self protection, etc), and provide some ways ... (2:41)

My friend is about to marry someone that, although I don't know them very well, I have heard that this person is a pathological liar and in major debt... (1:38)

How does an older person in their sixties, who is divorced after an unhappy 34 year marriage, find true and healthy relationships? (2:13)

What are some of the characteristics of a healthy relationship with a significant other? (4:34)

How fast can you heal from a broken relationship? What factors contribute to healing? What are the signs that healing is taking place? (4:34)

What is the difference between setting a boundary in a relationship and being unforgiving in a relationship? (2:19)

If a person is always late, what does that tell you about them? (2:34)

My sister in law seems disinterested in anyone but her husband (my brother). She doesn't seem interested in expending any energy to join the family. I... (2:48)

I have a friend who has suffered a tremendous tragedy within two years with the death of both of his parents and a child, and now one of his sons was ... (1:57)

I have a friend of about 10 years and I respect and care for him as a friend. The last time we got together he became very romantic with me and it mad... (2:33)

I am so sad about my divorce, I don't know how to start over. What would you recommend? (3:34)

How do you know when sacrifice and wanting the others best are not in your best interest? Where do you draw the line? (2:47)

My sister and I do not have much of a relationship anymore. We both seem to have gone our separate ways. We live in different states and we both have ... (2:23)

I have a question about boundaries in a friendship. My friend is a very needy person. Everything is a crisis with her and she calls me a lot to talk a... (3:24)

I know some "artistic types" who feel free to impose their drama on others, but do not face the same standards of accountability themselves. Is there ... (1:45)

I have a friend who is an alcoholic and only calls me when he is sober to convince me that he is successful in his battle against alcohol. When I conf... (2:14)

How do you deal with a drama queen without always being a pawn in their games? (3:05)

I am in the process of gathering some men to help me in my growth process. What I am wondering is if there are any specific resources to help determi... (2:31)

My adult son is an alcoholic. He knows he drinks way too much and has gone to AA meetings occasionally. I don't like seeing him drunk and I don't know... (3:28)

My neighbor introduces me as her best friend. Come to think of it, a number of people do this. It embarrasses me, because I don't feel as vested as th... (2:15)

I have a gift for relating to people for seeing things through their eyes. The down side seems to be that I sometimes feel lost in their reality, as... (1:59)

I'm shy and I have difficulty making friends. I watch others interact and they seem to know how to bond effortlessly while I feel isolated. How do I b... (2:41)

Serving wine with dinner has always been part of our family culture. If we know someone has a dependency problem with alcohol, and they are invited fo... (1:27)

I have a brother and a sister. They seem like nice enough people, but none of us are close. I see other adult siblings who are friends and wonder if I... (2:10)

I swear my mother doesn't really like me. Since it's unspoken, and she is not one to acknowledge issues like this, do I try to befriend her? She's eld... (2:32)

My sister got a divorce. We love her ex, but she wants all family contact severed. Is this for her to decide? He will always be my brother. (2:37)

We are newlyweds and had a terrible Christmas. We raced between her parents (there are two sets because her folks are divorced and remarried) and my ... (2:54)

Once or twice I've met someone who gave me the willies There was no evidence that they were odd or dangerous in any way, but I felt troubled and dis... (2:38)

My friend is a lovely person who is in the medical community. I think she needs to stop taking care of other people and take better care of herself, b... (2:20)

How do you end a friendship that's really just an acquaintance? She's given me no real reason other than I feel drained by her and I just don't want t... (2:52)

I have co-worker who does drugs. She lost her brother a year ago from doing the very same thing. She is now saying she wants to experiment with some v... (2:01)

When things are going really wrong I have a hard time accepting kindness. It seems like I can stay strong until someone expresses tenderness or concer... (2:14)

My brother is getting a divorce. We have never dealt with this before. What do we do as a family with our soon-to-be ex-in-law? (1:50)

My brother is getting a divorce and it is clear that he is at fault. I am angry about his behavior that led to this divorce, and I feel it is my re... (1:36)

If I think someone is not getting sound professional counseling, how do I go about helping them to see that? (1:29)

My husband's parents moved out of state, and since they moved they have not contacted us or return emails or phone calls. We had a rocky relationship... (2:11)

I am a grandmother who has three grandchildren living with her, 16, 15 and 10. One of the children's fathers wants him to come back and live with him... (1:15)

A young person I know claims to be bisexual. I love everything about this person except this one thing. I want to encourage him to look for relation... (1:19)

I have a friend who says, "I am very close to God, but I am not into organized religion." I want this person to be involved in a church, but she just... (1:46)

What do you do when a trusted friend stabs you in the back? Try and give them another chance or end the friendship? I don't believe I'll ever trust th... (2:46)

Is there a diplomatic way to part company when a friendship seems to have lost its point? There has been no falling out or anything; I just don't feel... (1:57)

A friend just found out that their first (unborn) grandchild is hopelessly malformed with anencephaly and will not live outside of the womb. What can ... (1:18)

There is a rumor that seems undisputable that my neighbor beats his wife. I feel strongly there is a moral imperative to get involved, but we never kn... (1:45)

Do you always need to tell the truth in relationships? Is the truth always the best thing? (1:40)

When I am the topic of malicious gossip, how do I deal with it? (2:53)

A friend of mine is behaving erratically - embezzling, lying, stealing etc. I believe she is mentally ill - when I told her my thoughts about her beha... (2:21)

I am a dance teacher. Besides dance, I try to give my students larger life lessons picture about discipline, commitment, respect, and hard work. One s... (1:49)

As I get older I realize a driving force in my life is that I can't bear to "disappoint" people. I will actually remain aloof unless I feel like I can... (3:01)

My wife and I never had children and are finally retired and enjoying the life we worked hard for. My mother had a minor stroke and lives in a nursing... (2:39)

What do you think about love at first sight? Is it real? An illusion? Chemicals? (1:49)

I feel like everyone I work with is smarter and funnier than I am. I have trouble joining the conversations at lunch and don't feel like I have anythi... (2:07)

My best friend talks about committing suicide, and then says she is just kidding. Do I take her seriously? Ignore her? I think she just wants attentio... (1:06)

If people do not go through the steps of grief after a loved one dies, how can it affect events or relationships in the future? (1:29)

My father left my mom, moved in with his girlfriend and now expects me to treat her as one of the family. This is very hard to do since this woman we... (1:19)

A good friend confided in me that she is having an affair. Her husband is also a friend. I encouraged her to come clean but she refuses, and asked me ... (1:19)

How do you take car keys away from an aging parent? My father is a force to be reckoned with, but I don't feel he can drive anymore. (1:46)

I am fifteen and my best friend is very poor. His mother works two jobs but she gets fired a lot because she takes things at work. How can I help them... (1:18)

My nephew confided in me that he was molested as a child and says that because of this he is gay. My sister cut him out of the family completely witho... (1:42)

My young daughter was bitten by a dog that belonged to a neighbor when she was playing at their house. I never pursued it, other than to let the neigh... (1:24)

What do you think about the concept of your failure to plan does not constitute an emergency for me. Does this attitude ultimately create better fun... (1:30)

How do you tell someone you have romantic feelings for them if you aren't sure they feel the same way? I d hate to ruin a friendship that's been comfo... (1:01)

I d like to write an autobiography. However, not everyone in my family would come out looking the way they would like to be remembered. I'm not bitter... (1:21)

How useful are personality tests like DISC or temperament analysis tests? Should employers use them? Couples? Parents? (1:01)

Nobody, and I mean nobody likes my boyfriend. How can I show people he's not as bad as they think? (2:15)

I feel like I'm the black sheep of the family. My brother and sister have both been successful in school and in business, but I flounder from job to ... (0:52)

In a relationship, does absence make the heart grow fonder? Or is it out of sight, out of mind? (1:36)

My elderly father is struggling with a painful cancer condition and wants me to help him commit suicide. I can't stand to see him suffering, but I do... (1:35)

My mother is about 70 and still caring for her own mother. She is really tired and sometimes not very patient with my grandmother. Yet she doesn't wan... (1:51)

My Dad just turned 80 -- he has never said "I love you" to me. I tell him "I love you" regularly. What makes him this way, and what can I do different... (2:11)

My heart has healed and now I want to reconcile with my family after several months of my rude avoidance to their attempts to bring me around. How do ... (2:44)

How do I treat a family member I no longer respect or love? I don't want to acknowledge this person in any way. (2:16)

To the shock of all who loved and thought we knew him, a co-worker has just been arrested for having child pornography on his computer. We are in pain... (2:16)

My husband and I have friends who are at about the same levels of life as us. However, I feel like they are really competitive towards us. For example... (1:36)

My father is pressuring me to go to college. I do not know what I want to do with my life, or even if I want to go to college at all! How do I deal wi... (1:28)

How do I walk the emotional tightrope with my parents? They are elderly and I am their caregiver, yet they treat me like a teenager. They never planne... (3:10)

Can you talk about how I can express love while I'm setting a boundary? What would this look like? (2:12)

How can I help my mom to not feel so guilty about her divorce that took place over twenty years ago? (2:53)

What are some ideas to help my parents to bond with my kids when there is a very large generation gap? (1:31)

Do you have any advice for helping senior citizens transition into accepting assistance as they age? (2:08)

I tutor a 9 year old who is acting out. She is ADD and requires one on one attention. She tells me she acts out because she is bored and lonely. Her ... (1:49)

My friend has been seeing a counselor who helped him get over a destructive drinking habit. I'm concerned because the alternative they both came up wi... (3:02)

My sister is older than I and she 'mothers' me -- I tell her to 'get off my back' all the time -- please give me another tool to use to let her know s... (2:55)

I recently found out that my father is not one of my siblings father. Nobody else knows it but me and I've been asked to keep this secret by my parent... (1:21)

What do you think about twin telepathy? (0:58)

My mother is getting up in years and is not in good health. A couple years ago my mother asked my sisters and I to put our names on items that we woul... (2:03)

How can I improve the relationship with my youngest brother? He and his wife are not interested in participating in family functions and rarely attend... (2:15)

With multiple divorces in my family how do I include everyone without making myself crazy in the process? (1:20)

My mom and I are both believers, and the other night at dinner she started making some very rude comments about homosexuals. I am absolutely certain t... (1:17)

My father who is an unsafe person for me wants to pay for our 3 children and 9 more grandchildren's college education through a 529 plan. I don't want... (1:47)

My friend's husband recently had an affair, had a child with the other woman and left my friend for 2 1/2 yrs. Now he wants to come back and my friend... (1:45)

What is my responsibility as a Sunday school teacher when my students reveal deeply personal things? (1:36)

I am a single mom that is friends with a couple in my church. We spend a lot of time together just hanging out. Lately he has been emailing me. He tal... (1:26)

I teach a small group of youth from the ages of 13 to 17 on dating and relationships. I want the teaching to be biblical but how can I also make it re... (1:52)

I'm 19 yrs old. I don't have a girlfriend and I don't feel I can tell my problems to my friends. I want one person who will understand my feelings. Pl... (1:56)

Scripture says to be angry and sin not. How is it possible to be angry and not sin? (1:48)

I'm a second year college student who lives on campus about an hour away from home. My parents pressure me to visit home every weekend, which I've bee... (2:48)

Should I tell my co-worker what my other co-worker said about her? It has the potential to hurt my friend's reputation and career. (1:44)

Can a woman and man be best friends when both are married to others? (1:26)

What is the best response to people who start to gossip to you? (1:55)

I have a friend that sent out a letter to all family members who they felt had done hurtful things to him. The letter covered years of stuff. What sh... (2:52)

What can you do when loved ones completely lack empathy for one another or have an unapologetic attitude? (2:40)

I enjoy simply sitting with my feelings and thoughts, or having creative or quiet time to myself. Yet I am continually urged by family and friends to... (2:15)

I recently read your book "Boundaries" and went through the series with my church. My mother has been diagnosed with manic depression with schizophre... (2:14)

Do the principles in your book Boundaries hold true when dealing with people with mental disorders? (1:27)

My pastor's wife is very controlling and feels like she needs to know all of my personal struggles. Is it ok to keep my struggles from her? (2:23)

My parents are facing foreclosure of their house due to very poor financial decisions. My brother who is in jail, wrote me a letter accusing me of not... (2:02)

I received a late night phone call from my single parent group leader. I think he was hitting on me and it was clear to me he was drinking. What shou... (1:34)

How do you deal with a mother who is physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive? How do you deal with the guilt and sadness of not being able to ha... (3:24)

What is a good definition of a perpetrator? (1:44)

What should you do if your family is toxic and you have tried everything except not have anything to do with them? (3:20)

I have a bipolar friend who is going to be evicted any day from her apartment. She is so overwhelmed that she can't focus on finding a new apartment. ... (1:55)

After being fired from my job when I was in debt, I entered a debt management program and my father agreed to let me stay with him temporarily while I... (1:31)

I was the unpaid caregiver for my grandkids. When I stopped over a year ago because I was hurting financially, my son and his wife stopped allowing me... (2:08)

Why do relationships fail? (1:32)

I have been in love with a man for a couple of years whose situation is very bad. He is burdened with troubled teenaged children who were left for hi... (1:49)

I was wrongfully accused of sexual molestation about 6 years ago. The entire family was present and saw me accidentally bump this woman's leg and real... (1:27)

My best friend stopped talking to me a couple months ago. I do not want to lose my friend but he is being so stubborn I can't reach him. Any advice fo... (1:40)

In all my relationships (parents, friends, husband and in-laws) there is a pattern of treating me poorly. I get a lot resistance from them, they often... (2:10)

Can you suggest some steps for true reconciliation between senior parents and adult children? (2:23)

My brother and I really don't get along. It feels more like pure hatred than just sibling rivalry. I feel like he deliberately but passive-aggressivel... (1:55)

My son's girlfriend told me that her mother is gay and is in a long-term on-again off-again relationship with another woman. The teen girl has also r... (1:18)